Mind Your Own Business

I was listening to a friend talk about some of things she has been dealing with in regards to several of her family members. As I listened to her describe what this person was going through and what that person was going through and how everyone else was telling each other what they should and should not be doing I could not help but feel as if my energy level was going down. After several minutes of this I believe I tuned her out.

It seemed to me that some people needed to learn to mind their own business. Now I don’t share that to be rude. I actually believe that one of the most self loving things a person could do for themselves is mind their own business.

Here’s what I mean…. Read more

Size DOES Matter!

One of the longest running debates is: ‘does size really matter?’

No! Not THAT debate… the debate about does the Universe distinguish between big and small things…. (get your mind out of the gutter) 🙂
Well, the truth of the matter is that the Universe supports you in what you do, say, think and believe. So if you think Read more

Dating Is Dead…

I was going to launch my new Relationship Recipe book on Valentine’s day, but a couple of things came up that prevented it from launching then. Initially I was a little put off by it, but as you know, the Universe makes no mistakes. There was a reason for the delay.

A very specific reason… Read more