April 17

Mind Your Own Business

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I was listening to a friend talk about some of things she has been dealing with in regards to several of her family members. As I listened to her describe what this person was going through and what that person was going through and how everyone else was telling each other what they should and should not be doing I could not help but feel as if my energy level was going down. After several minutes of this I believe I tuned her out.

It seemed to me that some people needed to learn to mind their own business. Now I don’t share that to be rude. I actually believe that one of the most self loving things a person could do for themselves is mind their own business.

Here’s what I mean….

If you watched “The Secret” you might recall the section on relationships and the statement that we cannot create in someone else’s reality. What this means is that each of us is solely responsible for what is showing up in our lives. Pleasant or unpleasant it is our own beliefs that have created those things.

When we mind our own business we allow for two main things to take place. First we relieve ourselves of the frustration that comes from “judging” others. Often when we are not minding our own business we find it necessary to tell others how to live their lives and if they choose not to follow our advice, which is often unsolicited, then we get upset and want to know what’s wrong with this person…why can’t they just do what I tell them. Well it’s probably because it’s not their time or they just don’t want to.

The other thing we allow to take place when we mind our own business is that we free ourselves up to focus our energy on creating what we truly want in our own lives. We allow ourselves the ability to look at what is going one in our world and choose how we want to proceed without the distraction of looking at what someone else is doing, not doing or saying.

So I have made a resolve that I will mind my own business…will you?

Practical Application

If you find yourself wanting to tell someone else how to live their lives, especially when they have not asked for your input, ask them if you might share your insight with them. Share your thoughts without the need to make them accept or apply it into their lives. Choose to allow them to have their own journey just the way they want it.


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  1. “Ask them if you might share your insight with them”… I like that line. People do best when provided with choices. Suggesting to them upfront that you accept the possibility that they might not be interested in your advise gives them an out. This actually makes it more likely that they will be receptive to you.

  2. The law of attraction is a funny thing isn’t it. just because it worked for one person doesn’t mean its going to work for someone else. It also may not work quiet like we expect it to. I decided I wanted to be thin again but thanks to our wonderful economy and gas prices I couldn’t afford to drive to the gym everyday. Then the economy got so bad i take to take a part time job. It pays very well for what it is and requires me to be on my feet moving a lot. I’m dropping the pounds fast!! Its barely been two months, I’ve hardly changed my eating habits at all, and my pants are already hanging on my hips.

  3. It’s like from what I read in The Alchemist that says, when people get to know someone, they want that someone to follow their ideals. They want to affect the person and if that person doesn’t, they become upset. Focusing on one’s own business allows for greater productivity. And I think that’s a great motivation.

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  5. I most likely would not have contemplated this was useful two or 3 years back, yet it is fascinating how age evolves the manner you respond to stuff, thank you for the weblog post it really is pleasing to discover anything sensible here and there instead of the regular rubbish masquerading as blogs and forums on the internet. Regards

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