February 28

The Scary Store…Well Not Quite (part 1)

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[drum roll please]

I went on a ‘date’ today.

I spent 7 1/2 hours with the absolutely most phenomenal woman….and it was our first date! How about that?!?

I have one word to describe today…

Oops, did I say one word…? Sorry.

OH-MY-GOSH!!! There is soooooo much I want to say about how today went, but (believe it or not) I’m at a loss for words to describe how I feel right now. More on that below…

One of the places we went was to IKEA. Why go to IKEA on a first date you ask? She wanted to buy something and she had the choice of buying it a Target or IKEA…so we went to IKEA. (side note: now that I’ve actually been there, there really isn’t a choice…sorry Target).

I’d never been there before. I’d heard so much about how great it is, bla, bla, bla, but I never went. I just never paid it any attention. It made me think of my Scary Room post. Having something you want to do in the back of your mind, but never getting around to doing it, but when you do…you absolutely love it.

Suggestion: Go out and do something different tomorrow. It doesn’t’ have to be ‘big’, just do something different. Try a new route home from work, go to a restaurant you’ve never been to before…anything. In fact, try something new everyday for the next week…even if it’s only getting a different flavored frappuccino… this will get your mind used to doing new stuff, so when it’s time to do those ‘big’ things that you’ve been putting off, your brain won’t be as hesitant.

ACTIVITY: Come back and post what you’ve decided to do differently for the next 7 days and we can see how much fun we have with this…

Okay. On to the purpose of this post…

[drum roll again]

The woman I went out with looks like the woman on my vision board…(to be continued)


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  1. How can you just end the post like that! 🙂

    This was a beautiful snippet of your life. Thanks for sharing.

    We all need to get off of auto-pilot and take control of the wheel every once and awhile.

  2. I think of all your posts this one reaches me the most, and you posted it on my birthday! Ooohhh. Do you have any tips on what you did to manifest this special lady into your life?

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