December 6

Your Life Sucks…Admit It!

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I’m on the phone with a friend of mine and she’s totally wigging out and I’m trying to help her but she’s making all these excuses for her life.

She’ll complain about the hours she works at her job, and I’ll say, “Why don’t you do something about that”. She says, well it’s not that bad, I only have to work these hours a few times per month.

She’ll complain about how her co-workers won’t do their job and all the work falls on her… So, I’ll ask, “Why don’t you do something about that?”

She replies, “Well, I don’t want to get anyone in trouble and I don’t mind doing the extra work”

We aren’t kids anymore and we don’t have the luxury of ‘mommy or daddy’ coming to fix stuff for us. We have to take responsibility for what’s going in our lives, but the first step is to do an accurate assessment of your situation by ‘admitting’ the truth about it.

Clearly, she has a problems with these things because she brings them up over and over and over and over in our conversations about how stressful and annoying her job is.

But when I say something like, “you should look at finding another job…” or “maybe you should talk to your manager about the things that are frustrating you…” She’s jumps back at me and says, “Oh it’s not that important…just drop it!”

Here’s my point: Things usually don’t change unless we cause change to happen.

We won’t cause change unless we can clearly see that change is necessary. As the old saying goes, if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it. Well if you ‘think’ your life isn’t ‘broke’, you won’t put forth the effort to fix it.

  • If you’re broke (finances)…admit it and do something about it
  • If you’re fat…admit it and do something about it
  • If your job is horrible…admit it and do something about it
  • If your relationship status isn’t where you want it to be…admit it and do something about it
  • If your life sucks…admit it and do something about it

Okay, can I be blunt here? If there’s a problem in your life, either do something about it or shut-up complaining.

Not to sound, mean, it’s really about taking responsibility for your life. The first step of that is to stop making excuses for things and being honest with yourself. This way you can accurately determine what you need or want to change so you can do something about it.

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  1. This is all about responsibility now. When we are still kids we are though of being responsible on little things and i do think most of us feels great feeling responsible back then. It was because we want to imitate stuffs for grown up. But now, where the real responsibilities arise, we must just live with it. Either be responsible or live your life terrible.

  2. Cool Beans. No one else makes your life sucks except you. Blame no one, complain to no one, depend on no one and try to make your life work for you. Unless you have something to do about it, you life can be attributed as a “life that sucks”. Lighten up Mon’ and be responsible. 🙂

  3. I have a friend who exactly sounds like that one. Well I really think that she hates her life at present. I wanna help her but it seems that the she’s the only one that can help herself. Well I can only recommend her to reading Antonio’s blog so that she’ll be enlightned and probably draw up some inner strengths.

  4. You have a point, but sometimes people make decisions about things they have to do. It’s not really that bad.

    Your friend probably may not have other options to make her situation better

  5. Personally, I think she has a big problem that she really needs to solve. I suggest to here that rather than using her mouth to complain i think it is best to use the mind to think of a real positive action that may cause to solve the root of the problem.

  6. I think this lady is way lucky as she can tell her problems directly to Antonio. It’s just that she needs to give an effort in listening for the feedbacks of people she talks to. She maybe thinking that no matter what advise is it, her problem cant be solved. Yet that must not be the case. Words like of this man, Antonio is very powerful when taken and put into action. Just listen girl and everythings gonna be alright.

  7. I would say that my life sucks, although not that much. But it seems helping me to push myself into working more hard and valuable to many things in my life. I mean i have some financial problems lately, but i didnt stay down and think of it and blame anyone or myself all day. I just think of this as a challenge.

  8. Well I really appreciate the simplicity of the message. If this is one’s something like this then do something like that. A basic thing to remember, yet should be a very valuable trait to possess. This is what I really love about this blog site, it never fails to let me remember the basic things that a person should do to achieve success.

  9. I agree with this post in all levels. Exactly the point of why we do things is that we hope that at the end, we get desirable results beneficial to us. If something is bothering you, is wearing you down, let go of it. Unburden yourself. Some of them are just useless clutters. Just like what Alvin said, focus on the basics and you won’t be lost. Nice post here, Antonio.

  10. I find a great improvement in your publishing, I’d really like to have in touch. Maintain the excellent operate! Your writing is extremely motivational for someone who is a new comer to this kind of stuff.

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