November 9

Is It Really Safe To Assume?

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As a child you may have wanted a toy in the store but didn’t tell your parents because you knew they wouldn’t buy it. Or perhaps when you were in high school, you liked someone but didn’t tell them your feelings since you knew you would be rejected. How could you have possibly known those things?

You didn’t, you simply assumed.

What’s Wrong With Assuming?

Simple, assumptions are not always true. They are only what you think they are. In reality your assumptions could result in many different endings. Who told you that your parents wouldn’t buy that toy for you? Or how did you know that person in high school would reject you? You tell yourself the things you want to believe. These assumptions can stand in the way of your true desires. Therefore, assumptions begin to create your reality.

Playing It On The Safe Side?

You may say, “My assumptions allow me to play it on the safe side, and prevent me from being disappointed.” But how will you get the things you desire if you are afraid to take risks? Your parents may have bought that toy, or your high school crush could’ve went on a date with you. All you needed to do was: Take a risk and/or ask!

Start taking risks today; be brave enough to ask those tough questions. You’ll be surprised at the positive responses you get. Even if you do get a rejection, brush it off and keep moving forward.

In the long run, you’ll be grateful that you took control over your life and no longer allowed your assumptions to hinder your dreams.


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  1. Oh, Antonio. Why of all time would your blog be right-on-target for me?
    I’m just going through reality-checking. I’m readying myself for the worst outcome but I can’t let that uncertainty put me feeling sober forever. Time to take control. Yeah, I’ll take that risk!
    Thanks for this wonderful post.

  2. I liked that line that says “take control of your life”. There’s just so much impact on me. In a very busy life, a lot of things, mostly negative in nature get in the way and I lose focus on my goals. One of them is wrong assumptions. I like this post. It kept me right back on track. Thanks!

  3. can you add me as a facebook friend brenda ewer thanks so much and how can i get law of attraction: the basic understanding i notice it’s always out are you still publishing that cd?

  4. I love this quote by Rev Run. It harmonizes brilliantly with what you are saying…

    “In order to succeed in life you must take risks. The reason why people never experience better living is because they refuse to let go of the life they currently have. TAKE RISKS! Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting new results.”
    As always Antonio, your wisdom waters the roots of abundance. With gratitude, Jason Galbraith

  5. Was just talking to a friend regarding women affairs. This is somehow related to that. We always assume and mostly it’s on the negative side. We just concluded that she talk it out with the guy and finally confront and get the facts straight. So yes, I totally believe we are in alignment.

  6. Thanks Antonio,you’ve inspired me a lot. Your post created a big bang in my life. Honestly, I’m such a coward, i am afraid of taking risks. But, starting today I’ll be the ruler of my life.

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