March 10

You Can't Win The Lottery If You Don't Play

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I just got off the phone with Rodney and he asked me a really interesting question.

We were talking about how 95%+ lottery winners are broke a year after they win…and he asked, “Why does the Universe give these people this money when they’re just going to lose it? If they still have a broke person’s mentality and they’re going to be back in the same position, then how is it that they ‘attracted’ the money in the first place?”

I thought this was a really GREAT question….

I don’t have the exact answer, but here’s my theory…

Imagine a business owner (Bob) who’s going thru a tough time in his business (an electronic store) and needs an influx of $100,000 to save his business. So Bob’s at home, thinking about the $100,000 dollars, visualizing it, and going thru the motions to help manifest the $100,000.

We’ll on the other side of town…Larry the loser wins the lottery for 50 million dollars. He’s whooping and hollering about how much money he’s won.

So he gets his check and he starts ‘blowing’ his money. Cars…jewelry, clothes, etc.
Along the way he decides he wants a 50″ flat screen TV in every room of his new house, so he walks into Bob’s store and exclaims, “I want 10 50″ TVs for my new house…and I’m paying cash!”

So Bob comes out from the back…excited about his new customer…he helps Larry find the TVs he likes and at the cash register, he tallies everything up and the total comes to $98,950.

The $100,000 Bob needed.

My point is: beyond the lessons Larry will learn from blowing 50 million in a year, there are a lot of people who are going to benefit from the 50 mil that Larry spends.

  • The real estate agent for his house(s)
  • the car dealerships
  • the electronics stores
  • the clothing stores
  • etc.

This could be the Universe’s way of providing these people the income they may need to the things they want.

Just a thought…


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  1. Wow! That was a great insight you had there. I thought about that question myself recently (because I am new with LOA), but your insightful look into how the “loser´s” win could actually manifest into other people’s desires can really put things into perspective. It also can put a light on why it seems that some people who are “seemingly” unfit for riches are the ones who are sometimes reaping the rewards. PS. Thank you for your entertaining and enlightening Podcasts =) Be well, Angelica in Sweden

  2. I am a brand new subscriber Antonio. I just got your email, came here straight away, got this message, and found myself saying “I really like this guy” with a broad smile on my face. Becoming addicted already. I think I’ll be around for some while. Especially will tell my friends about your website. I like /Rachael Fine too at The Science of Getting Rich website and am expecting The Secret DVD by post to my address in South Africa.
    Thanks for being there and spreading your bountiful wisdom and joy. Ruth Moore

  3. I like this insight. I don’t particularly like referring to others as ‘losers’ as it is judgemental, but that aside, this theory works for me. It really makes sense.
    Perhaps I should stop trying to manifest a lottery win, and start manifesting a Larry who will be a great friend, lol!

  4. Finally, it is such a joy to find someone else who understands the workings of the Universal Laws.
    May you go in a peaceful journey, my friend.

  5. Somehow, games of chance seem to be outside LOA. But then, that is like saying some things are outside the law of gravity. I don’t know, maybe just because we attract something doesn’t mean it will stay attracted to us.

  6. I believe 100% that one can manifest winning the lottery. But one has to believe 100% that he/she will win and that the odds are not 13,000,568, or whatever. He/She has to believe 100% that they are super lucky. The odds are really 50/50. You either win or you don’t. Also, people need to examine their values about money. Money is a very good thing. It’s what some people choose to do with it that can make it ‘bad.’

  7. I don’t believe in the Law of Attraction if it means you can lie in bed all day and get everything you want in life merely by thinking about it. I do believe you ultimately get what you think you deserve in life. But this usually means working toward that goal. In the case of the broke lottery winner, I can easily picture him saying, “Just give me one chance. I surely deserve one chance.” And that is exactly what he got.

    On a side note, Americans are especially prone to the mistaken belief that money will solve their problems. This is a myth in our culture, and I hope that people discovering the Law of Attraction also take the time to really develop what their underlying desires are, instead of taking the easy answer of “more money”.

  8. Hi Antonio,
    I am new to the M.A.P. club and have been a great believer for many years that we ultimately dress our lives the way we want it. So what of the lottery winner who blows it all? I liked your theory, he wanted it, he got it, but because the foundations of LOA were not embedded into his thoughts, he lost it.
    Here’s another perspective on LOA as well. We are blessed with new understandings of Quantum Physics etc.which then theoretically catapults us into a better understanding of how we run our lives. What of those people who are born into a destiny of pain and horror as war, greed, obsessional activities and belief systems deter them from ever being able to reach a point of true understanding? I think of the children I taught for 10 years in a poverty stricken arena, where are their stakes in all of this? Born into poverty, live in poverty and then die in it as well. Surely as we grow in our own understanding of such things, there within also arises an accountability to help others, not to preach, but to offer alternatives to improving their opportunities. Mmmm! a tricky one because they first have to want to be helped – you know LOA has to kick in before they even know about it!!

    Good to have a chat online

  9. I haven’t read the replies, so forgive me if I’m repeating someone else.

    I think the reason that so many are broke so quickly is partly due to just plain irresponsibility. Their eyes get bigger than their bank account and they don’t pay attention. I think being unhappy is a part of that also. In other words, if one is at least fairly happy, they don’t need to buy so many things in order to make them feel…well, happy.

    Beyond that, though, there’s more than one book about LOA that describes losing wealth. They say that it happens because a person attracts it just the same way they attacted the wealth itself. They begin to fear losing the money; they think as though they are losing or have already lost the money…and so they do.

  10. I’ve listened to this podcast and I loved it. Years ago my best friend’s parents won the Massachusetts state lottery. $1000 a week for 20 years. It changed their lives as far as never having to live in poverty again, making profitable real estate investments and business ventures. Yet the kids never received the proper education and the parent’s marriage ended. I am currently manifesting $252,000,000 into my life. When I get it, I will be investing it very wisely, I DO NOT plan on being broke ever again in my life.

  11. Wow, Antonio. I think you have a point. What about my good friend (and former mentee) who made $1.2 mil when her startup company went public? I remember telling her that with her “giving” personality, she would be broke in 18 months. Unfortunately, that’s how it went down. I think she felt guilty about having so much with so little effort, so she lost it all.

  12. Basically you are saying that people are waiting for us to get in place to bless others. This lotto guy may blow his money but he has helped saved many folks with his winnings also…

  13. Great insight and brings several points to my mind:

    The LORD sends poverty and wealth; He humbles and He exalts. 1 Samuel 2:7 The lottery winner who lost his money AND the electronic store owner

    Rich and Poor have this in common: the Lord is the Maker of them all. Proverb 22:2

    He who works will have abundant food but the one who chases fantasies will have his fill of poverty. Proverbs 28:19 example of the electronic store owner who WORKS and the lottery winner chasing his fantasies.

    “…. money is the answer to everything” Ecclesiastes 10:19 Yes it is in the Bible!

    However you must go to Matt 25:14 and realize that the Master is God…to understand the “action” you must take.

    Back to the lottery winner:
    “and what use is money in the hand of a fool, since he has no desire to get wisdom?” Proverbs 17:16

    I still purchase my $2 weekly lottery tickets….because if you don’t have a ticket you can not win!

    At the same time I have a folder where I have place articles just like this one about winning the lottery and how it has changed different people lives…I have decided that should I win millions I would start a foundation with 90% of my winnings… that gives to other charities and I would take the other 10% for my personal growth.

    Having moved within the pass two years to a smaller home, “things” is not what I want. I want to develop “memories” in my children and grandchildren. I want to help others help themselves out of financial bondage. I want to help our children “to think” instead of demanding the latest new toy. (Forgot to mention I also sub-teach in public school so I see first hand what is going on)

    Thank again for this wonderful article and all the wonderful comments.

  14. I think it is a mix of both people’s LOA working together..Another persons wanting of money and the lotto winners fear of losing it, put both together and it’s bound to happen. If a lotto winner knows the LOA and is using it, they wont lose it.
    Also I believe that Jesus was a man on earth, a great man that new the law of attraction and how to use it perfectly. I think all bibles have been changed and modified to conform to others beliefs and the real words of christ have been lost or misinterpreted. We all have our own inner being that guides us, not some big guy in the sky that is judging our every move. We just need to listen.

  15. Antonio, I really like your take on this. It makes alot of sense and I think there is some truth to it. I also want to say that the reason I think the reason lottery winners who will lose the money win in the first place is that for one moment, one ver powerful, magnetic moemnt, they are aligned with what it is they want, in this case, winning the lottery. They of course have no idea how they made it happen so the magic fades and in a year the are applying for their old job. Thats my dime’s worth.

  16. Antonio I fully agree with what you said. My two dollars…

    The lottery winner may have focused on winning the lottery, but didnt focus on anything past that. So after winning the lottery the manifestation came and he didnt have anything else to focus on. So the money slowly goes away (or quickly). This is what happens to many people that focus on the thing instead the means to the thing or the wisdom to handle the thing. Imagine a guy that really wants a nice car and wins a $300K Bentley. Yeah thats nice. Until he needs to take it in for servicing or an oil change. That alone could be some peoples monthly salary. And the same goes for everyone else that benefits from the lottery winner. Because Bob’s electronics may benefit from the $100k, but maybe what he really needed was $200K. SO what he should have focused on was that his business is successful…no matter what.

  17. “95%+ lottery winners are broke a year after they win”

    Where did you hear this, is this fact?
    I am interested in manifesting this understanding in my life. It is inconceivable to me that I could learn to spend money that fast. The interest from investing or bank account alone from a lotter win is enough to make my wallet impossible to sit on in a week.

  18. I’m not complaining, I’m not sad or upset, I’m actively thanking the Universe financial wealth and success and most importantly to be a good steward over my wealth always. Any comments or advice regarding my situation?
    -husband was laid off in 2004,
    launched a business that produced very little money.
    -i was carrying us financially
    but lost my job.
    -no income at the moment.
    -after reading this, I’m going to take the steps to manifest a lottery win (as I continue to seek employment). i will have to think about the exact amount.
    Any suggestions regarding the above.
    Many thanks.

  19. Personaly i believe that the most winners of lottery, when they win the money they become buzzard. They change the way they think, they change their pesronality, they change everything on them. And the problem is that they get very sniffy. They think that they are the ones and they do not respect anybody. They think only their selfs. They dont think that with that money they can give some help to the people who realy need them. The only thing how they will spent them all for their selves. And because of this action, the universe take the money back in such way that they result completely broke. I beleive that if somebody wins the lottery and he spents a percentage of the money to help people, he will always have money and he will never get broke.
    Thats my opinion…

  20. Hi Stavros. I myself don’t think money changes you. I once heard someone say that money doesn’t change you, it makes you a bigger whatever you already are. I agree with that. Its brings out more of whats already there. Someoen who is generous and giving sin’t suddenly going to become miserly and someone who is miserly isn’t suddenly going to spend like there is no tommorrow. Having millions will increase those already entrenched traits, maybe to their detriment, maybe not. Thats my 2 cents(because I haven’t won the lottery yet so its all I’ve got at the moment;)

  21. I won the lotery I use to tell people I won 15 million and I asked and knew I won 15 million..A few years latler I won a few million..I payed off my dept opened my own business bought my parents a house IM lovn it… and Im not broke I have more now then i won I opened up a good business

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