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You Can't Catch One…

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I’ve never lived in the ‘country’, but I know there’s wisdom all over the place.

One of my mentors (who makes about 15 million per year in his sleep) considers himself a ‘good ole country boy’. He told me something that really changed my outlook on this thing we call ‘multi-tasking’.

He said,

“You can’t catch one rabbit chasin’ five”

Living in Atlanta, Miami, and Las Vegas…I’ve barely seen a rabbit, let alone chased them. But this lesson was one I wish I would have learned years ago – FOCUS.

Something I’ve had the hardest time doing….focusing on one thing until reaching excellence.

Notice I used very specific language there… I didn’t merely say ‘focusing on one thing until completion… I’ve done that many times, but admittedly, it’s been half-ass or ‘just enough’. Reaching excellence to me means that you’ve given something 100% and reached the ability to grow on it’s own. Almost like rearing a child to adulthood.

When you look at all the people who are outrageously successful in life…they usually got there by doing one thing very well.

Bill Gates – Started with an operating system call MS DOS…that birthed Windows, then MS Office, Internet Explorer, then all the other stuff…all the way to hardware – Mice and XBox gaming consoles.

Oprah Winfrey – Started as an ‘on location’ reporter, then a talk show, now a magazine, a network…etc.

Donald Trump – Real Estate to TV show celebrity, bottled water, books, etc

Magic Johnson – Basketball to Starbucks, Movie Theaters, etc.

All these people started doing one thing….singular focus. Got to the TOP of their respective industries, then started branching out.

I think we should do the same in our lives. Especially as it relates to the things we want to manifest in our lives.

Here’s why…

(Obviously this doesn’t apply to everyone – but based on the research I’ve studied, it applies to about 98% of the population)

Our brains have an unlimited capacity to do just about anything we want, but unfortunately, we’re only consciously using about 12% (at most).

I’m going to bore you with just a little science here…but I’ll get to the point quickly:

The primary motor cortex, is one of the principal brain areas involved in motor function. And based on the portion we use to ‘do’ things we don’t really have a significant ability to consciously do multiple things at once.

So what does this mean?

This means that just like a computer, we really only do one thing at a time…on a conscious level. However, similar to a computer, we can switch back and forth to appear to be ‘multi-tasking’.

So when we think we’re doing 2 things at the same time, we’re really doing them at about 50% of the mental capacity we would. So if we’re ‘doing’ 4 things at the same time, we’re giving them about 25% mental capacity.

Now just imagine if you bought a brand new car and it only started once out of every 4 times?

It would be a lemon.

This is what happens when we’re manifest multiple things into our lives.

We divide our energy into multiple directions.

Please understand that I’m not suggesting that you completely ignore one area of your life to manifest something else. However, if you aren’t realizing the things you want in your life, you may want to consider focusing on one area.

You may have blocks that you may not be able to see while working on multiple things.

Again, I emphasize that the mind has unlimited capabilities. So theoretically, if you wanted to manifest a new multi-million dollar business, the mate of your dreams, the body/health you desire, a new house, world peace…and everything else you want all at the same time – you can. Theoretically.

However, most of us don’t have that ability.

Practical Application::

Look at the things you’re manifesting for yourself. Are they coming to you? One way to know if they are is if you’re experiencing the syncronicities and ‘coincidences’ that are getting you closer to your desire… If you aren’t seeing or experiencing those things, then you may have ‘too much stuff’ going on in your life. Slow down. Grab a meditation CD and relax. Take some time to just ‘be’ with yourself.

Again, if you have the ability to accomplish multiple things at once, great… go for it.

But for the majority who don’t, consider singularly focused visualization for a short time 3-4 weeks and watch the amazing thing that happen

Yours in Creation,



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  1. Thanks for this post. I’ve been a little stressed out lately with my new job, but that’s because I’ve lacked direction and focus. I’ve been trying to be everything to everyone!

    To take advantage of this oppurtunity (this isn’t a problem!), I’ll resort to meditation, defining what I REALLY want, reading this post multiple times and then just taking inspired action.

    I’m thankful for all of the oppuntunities before me and I see it as a challenge and not as a burden. This is wondeful because I can now learn to focus better and then as a result, provide more value to others.

    Thanks Antonio! And in my last post I mispelled your name, sorry!

  2. Great article. I see your point. I am one who tries to get everything all at once, with not a whole lot of success. this put it into perspective. thanks!

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