October 14

Words To Eliminate From Your Vocabulary – Coincidence

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“Wow, what a coincidence…I was just thinking that…”

How many times have you heard yourself say that?

Well, the thing is: there are no such things as coincidences. Everything…EVERYTHING – Every thing happens for a reason.

It’s a law of the Universe.

You can call it what you want.

  • Cause and effect
  • Every Action has an equal and opposite reaction
  • What comes around goes around

Call it what you like. But everything happens for a reason.

I’ve starting to look at coincidences as fortuitous intersections.? Any time I feel myself thinking that something is a coincidence, I ask myself, what’s happening here that I can’t see.

Just two days ago, I went to office depot with a friend to buy a whiteboard. I just HAD to have a whiteboard that night, so we went.

I ran into an old client of mine from my technology business. Just a week prior, I was thinking about this guy. And here’s the thing: I hadn’t seen or thought about him in about 9 years!

So all of a sudden, I think about him and I run into him at an office depot in a neighborhood I don’t frequent – 5 minutes before they closed.


I think not!

We started talking and I asked him what he was up to and he told me he just got FDA approval for a supplement he’s been working on for 10 years…. and guess what?

He needs someone to help market it.

How about that!?!

Just because you don’t see the big picture, it doesn’t mean the Universe doesn’t have a plan in action… there are no coincidences


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  1. Although I have read about events that are really worth quoting as coincidence, you have a solid point here and it makes me really believe that coincidence is a myth. Well, at least for some, for daily life happenings actually. This is really worth applying to real life.

    You did a great a job of picturing a life without coincidences – only reality.

  2. For me, I am an avid reader of world events and happenings.

    I had read about the strangest and the weirdest coincidence that happened in reality. Also they have proof to back them and prove that they really did take place.

    I believe that there are things that really are coincidence. πŸ˜‰

  3. “I believe that there are things that really are coincidence. – Danielle”

    I belive so, too, girl. And the funny thing there is that it just happen the least you expect it.

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