November 19

Why Our Economy Is On the "Brink of Disaster"


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2 quick things to keep in mind while reading this: 1) This post isn’t about Barack Obama. 2) The economy really isn’t on the brink of disaster…you’ll see what I mean in the post:

Brink Of DisasterThere will always by naysayers in the world who prophesize doom and gloom. They will blame others for the bad economy or other personal problems. If you look closely, they are always ready to place the blame on something other than themselves. It is this type of negative mindset and thoughts that have created our teetering economy.

For years many people have complained that the world is in bad shape. They have no thought about solutions and no hope. They offer only negative thoughts, energy and unrelenting complaints.

  • When people believe in something negative, they create a negative life for themselves and others
  • It is much easier to blame others than accept responsibility for being part of the problem.
  • Many have been trained to think in negative circles and it is passed down in families

A Clue to a Solution

There is a great saying attributed to Einstein: “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

This was a simple statement but it has very deep meaning and long-reaching implications. He is telling us to change if there are problems. There is no mention of who is to blame, only a caution that change must come about to solve a problem.

In other words, if negative thoughts have made a problem a reality, then the same negative thinking will not solve the problem now.

How Negative Thinking Hurts Us

Remember those times when you have thought about money? Did you think you were rich if you had little available money, or poor?

If you are like many others, you were thinking about the money that you did not have. Your thoughts were focused on thoughts like:

“I have no money.”
“I can not do anything.”
“I can not go to the movies.”

Your thoughts are now working to create a reality and attract what you are thinking about. If you are concentrating on the not, no, can’t…..then that is going to be your reality.
The Secret to Positive Change…it lies within YOU

There is a saying by my dad, “If you want to keep getting what you’re getting, keep doing what you’re doing.”

Already you can see that there are some people who are wise to the fact that YOU have to change in order for there to be changes in your life or in your world. Einstein and my dad are not the only 2 who know this secret.

The Law of Attraction

Will you attract negative energy or will you promote your thinking to positive change?

When we allow our thoughts to focus on what we do not want we give negative energy to these ideas. If we think that we are going to always be poor and unhappy then of course we will fulfill that self prophecy.

Prosperity may be heading toward you on swiftly flapping wings, but negative and self defeating thoughts will stop it in from ever completing this journey. Prosperity can not change you; you must change in order to attract prosperous thoughts and actions.

Applying these Lessons to Obama and Our Economy

People have long said that the economy is getting worse, the government is bad and no one can change things. These are reasons that they give for not voting also. Obama created his success because he used positives.

We Can.
We Will.
We Have.

Can you see how this is working now?

Obama had positive thoughts, ideas and energy and this attracted others with like minds.

They worked together and they were able to create a positive reality with change appearing as a real possibility.

We Can Think Like Obama

When you put your focus and attention into positive energy and thoughts then you will attract the good things that you do want. This is what Obama and his team did.

If you want the world to be changed for the better you must feel and believe that this is indeed possible. This is what Obama and his team did.

Then you must internalize these thoughts and ask for it to happen. Envision a world with a thriving economy, and picture yourself as a happy and prosperous. You should believe and behave as though this ideal has already materialized.

Obama did this.

If you now do this you will set the stage for positive change to occur in your own life and in the world.

Obama has some great ideas on how to change our world and our society but he is only one man with only his thoughts and positive ideas about change. He has people around him, but there are many negative thinkers out there too.

In order for this change in our country to become a reality we all need to change our way of thinking. We should be willing to create new thoughts and positive ways of thinking so that we can bring about this change.


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