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Why Don't More People Do This?

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You know, I was talking to a good friend of mine that other day, Rodney, and he asked a very provocative question regarding the law of attraction and psycho-cybernetics.

He said, “If we get the types of results that we do and this thing works the way it does, why don’t more people do this? Why aren’t more people actively using the law of attraction and psycho-cybernetics in their lives?”

I don’t have the exact answer to that question, but I have two theories that I think contribute to the fact that the majority of society does not utilize the law of attraction in their day-to-day activities.

The first theory is: ignorance.

Not ignorance in the bad way, but the ignorance as in not knowing. This information has been purposefully and intentionally held back and kept away from the masses by a few greedy, needy people who believe in scarcity and this was held back by a few greedy, short-sighted people who believed in scarcity and limitations and lack. So, this information has not been widely spread for that very reason. So, there are a lot of people who just don’t know, they just don’t know.

My second theory on this is that, it’s actually two-fold; one is that there is a group of people, I’m sure, who have been exposed to this information but refuse to believe it because it flies in the face of what they’ve come to believe their entire lives. No one wants to be told that something they believed their entire lives is not what it is.

You know, you grow up thinking that a bicycle is a bicycle, but someone comes along and tells you “Well, hey look. This is really not a bicycle, this is a tree.” You know, your fundamental belief system around this thing that you know, you’ve ridden a bicycle, you’re friends have had bicycles and you’ve had two or three your entire life and they have always been bicycles, but no, this person comes along and says “Hey! I’m sorry, it’s not it’s a tree!” That’s very difficult to deal with. It’s very difficult to accept objectively.

Which leads to the second part of that of the people who may have been exposed to it, is that, is people who may have been exposed to it and potentially rejected it is that there is a significant level of responsibility that goes along with knowing and understanding and practicing the law of attraction and psycho cybernetics.

One of the first things you have to accept in understanding the law of attraction is that you have created your life; good, bad, or indifferent. The good things that have happened, the bad things that have happened; you created it, you’ve attracted those things to you, and that’s a very tough pill to swallow.

That is very, very difficult to just accept that

  • I am responsible for getting fired,
  • I am responsible for my ex leaving me,
  • I’m responsible for someone stealing something from me,
  • I’m responsible for this car accident,
  • I’m responsible for falling down and tripping over the spilled milk on isle 7 at the grocery store;
  • I’m responsible for the bank making the mistake on my account,
  • I’m responsible for that library book that turned up missing,

You are responsible for these things…you’ve manifested them, you’ve created them in your life, and that’s a very difficult thing to accept. It’s easier just to say “This thing happened to me.” Nothing happens to you, you create everything that shows up in your reality, everything; good and/or bad, and that is a very difficult level of responsibility to take on, I found that.

By the way on a side note, the people who don’t want to take on responsibility for the things that happen in their lives are usually the exact same people who complain the most about their lives. You know the ones” my ex-wife this, my boss that, my job this, and whatever that; those are the same people who usually complain the most because they’re always pointing at other things that they place their responsibility on their lives for.

You know, they place responsibility outside of themselves onto other people, places or things and usually end up complaining the most.

So don’t get caught up in what could be holding you back from the life you desire.

You know this now…so ignorance isn’t an excuse. The next step is to take responsibility that you are the creator of your life and you’re responsible for what happens to you…both what you want and what you don’t want.

So, take responsibility and create what you want.


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  1. Nice point. I really would think that attitude like this really takes away success from more people. Bragging and complaining should never be done by anyone who credits all things around him as his responsibility. Well the logic is simple, he cant just easily complain and blame himself for an action. So this must lead into something better, some sense of awareness to many things around him.

  2. I can’t believe i am reading this. Its just two days before when i felt like giving up because the pressures im having at work. I am pointing everything to the improper work load set up by our project manager. Well upon reading this, I came to realize that it was all my fault. Maybe i should have skipped some break and put a lil more time on it so i can catch up with the deadlines. I should have been responsible.

  3. Well the law of attraction and Psycho-cybernetics works for me. Nowadays, it seems that i am drawing all of my crucial decisions from everything that i have digested from both. Now, I feel more in control of everything in and out of me. I am really thankful that i had known Antonio and listened to his words.

  4. Here’s another concept. There’s a group of people who have known this for a long time. However, they’ve been playing small. Using it in there own lives. Trying it out precariously, as opposed to full out, guns blazing.

    Maybe they don’t want to be called the wierd kids on the playground or maybe they didn’t have the platform to say anything till now or maybe they were trying to get there stuff together before they went all out.

    I belong to this camp, but I’m coming out from behind the curtain.

    In Spirit,

  5. Hi Trisha,
    Thats a very good point. I would also like to thank Antonio for writing that one. It seems very striking to me. It should as well be realized by everyone.

    You have a great argument there that it is universally applicable to all fields. Well my thoughts about this is that it is naturally applicable as we human beings need to communicate and it is the “most”, if not the only, powerful tool to help us understand each other.

  6. Thanks Antonio for pointing out the aspect of “shaken beliefs.”

    It has always been odd to me when I would hear parents say how creative their children are or encourage a child to express their creativity.

    However, when I would go to church, I would hear that I created nothing because I’m incapable of doing so as a human. I was taught that only God is capable of creating….Huh? Whoa! That never settled well with me even as a child. It just didn’t mesh. The math wasn’t adding up. It never made sense.

    The Law of Attraction, at least to me, makes 101% perfect sense.

    I love Bob Proctor in the Secret when he says, “You can cook a man’s dinner with electricity, and you can also cook the man.”

    It’s what we choose to do with this neutral force that determines what we’ll get. You’ve gotten it down to a “T.”

    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences.


  7. I like the bicycle analogy. Many of use are trying to overcome many years of “false learning” as to why things are as they are. Ultimately, we are the architects of our station in life….what we want it to be or vice/versa. Thanks, Rick

  8. I’m totally on board with the LOA..It just makes since for me. My husband has read and listened to it and understands the concept and wants to believe it. He always says “I just cant wrap my mind around it” It’s really hard to change the way you’ve been thinking your whole life. I’m working with him though!!

  9. I’m betting that the cause would be on your second theory. People, some of us, don’t want to or are prone to not accepting responsibility for their actions. I don’t know, it’s easy to point a finger at someone else for something rather than accepting the situation for what it is and then adjusting to make it a better place or event. There could be no better approach than that. Thanks for posting this up.

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