January 1

Where Do The Bullets Go?


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I’m sitting here, planning my projects for Q1 and suddenly I hear gunfire right outside my window.


Having experienced the things I have in the past, gunfire outside your window was never a good thing.

Oh…silly me.

It’s New Years eve. A day where it’s apparently “okay” to shoot guns into the air. (It’s still illegal, but no one gets arrested for it)

2 questions:

1. Are people THAT excited about New Year’s that they get the urge to shoot guns? I’m imagining this conversation, “5,4,3,2…1 … HAPPY NEW YEAR’S!! Hey, I think I want to shoot a gun.”

2. Where do the bullets go? I’m imagining that based on this “wild ‘n wacky” concept called the Law Of Gravity (ya know…what goes up, must come down?), the bullets have to come down somewhere.

Does anyone think about stuff like this?


Oh well… for what it’s worth…Happy New Year’s.




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  1. i know a lot of southern people who practice this. The bullets do come down and people have been killed when getting hit in he head. they come down with as much speed and force as they go up with. its a stupid stupid thing to do but people still do it.

  2. That’s so funny that you mentioned that. Not that the “guns-a-blazin'” is funny, but it made me think back on a trip to New Orleans my family had when I was younger, about 15+ years ago. It was not long after New Years, so they still had these warning posters posted all over the town warning everyone of the dangers of falling bullets. At that moment I was thinking many things, but “falling bullets” was the strangest thing I had heard of, since I never knew this was ever a popular thing to do for the holiday! But reading further, it talked about how it was best to stay indoors and/or under strong shelters. Then the poster had pictures of victims of this type of senseless death that were just in relation to New Orleans. Wow! What ever happened to a New Year’s Kiss? I much prefer a smack on the lips to celebrate the New Year!!!

  3. I doubt I doubt very very much the bullets would kill on their way down. They most definitely DO NOT, come down with anywhere near the speed or Force with which they left the muzzle.

    Most bullets leave the muzzle at supersonic speeds. On their way up they encounter a lot of air resistance. The work done ON the air BY the bullets causes them to lose Energy due to friction. They have less energy on the way down than on the way up. Less Energy on the way down means less speed on the way down.

    With air resistance factored in, it takes longer for a bullet fired straight up come back down [from the top] than it did to get to the top. With distances to the top and back down being almost the same (there’s the Earth’s rotation during flight) the longer time translates into a lower average speed. Speed and time are inversely proportional…

    On the way down the bullet will hit its terminal velocity – that is the point at which it is no longer accelerating. My guess is that bullets fall at about 45mph, maybe a bit more. Definitely less than 80mph, not lethal in general.

    Is anyone able to provide evidence of someone being killed by a falling bullet? I think the Mythbusters did an episode on this.

  4. PJF, Regardless of Mythbusters (a show I do like) has disproved this as a likely outcome to falling bullets, the fact that people have died from falling bullets still remains. I’m sure that the families of the victims of those who died from falling bullets, wished it was truly a myth, for their family members would still be alive today. Look at this article from NY Times: http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=950DE7D71231F933A05751C1A96F948260&sec=&spon=&pagewanted=all

    or this article:

    or this one:

    or this one:

    either way, I don’t believe it to be very nice of you to call death by falling bullets a myth, when there is clear evidence that it has claimed many victims over the years. Think about their family and friends when you write something that can seem so insensitive to those who have gone through this grief. Science or not, sometimes bad things can happen.

    Sorry, Antonio, I just think that had to be cleared up. I won’t clog up your post board trying to prove my point.

    Kindest Regards, Angelica

  5. PJF
    im sure youve already chnged your mind about wat you said but heres one more example if yu droped a penny off the eiffel tower and it hit somone on the head it would prerly kill them now imagine droping a bullet off the eiffel tower and bullets are designed to cut tho air and friction makeing it alot faster then a penny so if a penny could kill somonoe from the top of the eiffel tower then im 100% sure a bullet would kill somone on its way back down to the earth .

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