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When To Use A Negative Motivator vs. A Positive Motivator – Hater Motivator (Part 2)

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Now that we’ve talked about negative motivators, the question remains: Do you know when and how to use a negative motivator to create a positive situation?

Know Yourself

I always talk about the importance of knowing yourself. This is critically important as it relates to any subject matter, especially dealing with the Law of Attraction. So the key is knowing yourself, and what your mind, body, and psyche respond to.

-One Size Doesn’t Fit All

I don’t believe that something that worked for one person is going to work for everyone. Someone could get good results doing visualization, someone else could get poor results. One person I know does well in meditating and I also know people who can’t meditate more than a-second-and-a half.

Will You Allow Your Negative Motivator to Help or Hurt?

When we talk about a negative motivator, – let’s go back to Bill’s situation (from Part 1) where the sister says, “You’ll never be good enough. You’ll always be a drunk…” Some people will listen to that and get discouraged.

Someone may say, “You’ll never do good in business by yourself ‘cause you’re horrible at math”. Or “You’re unorganized and you’ll never be successful in business”. You may believe that to the degree where you decide not to start that business. That’s something that you have to be aware of within yourself. In Bill Bartman’s story, he used it as a negative motivator. Will you?

Practical Application

How Did He Do It?

This is what Bill Bartmand did – he took the sister’s name, Wendy, and put it on his desk. At that time he was in college, and when it came time for him to go out and party when he needed to be studying, or if he was working and just wanted to quit, he looked at her name and remembered what she had said about him, and he pushed through whatever he needed to push through. You can do this too!

  • Make a list of those who you can use as negative motivators
  • Put this list somewhere you will be able to see it regularly throughout the day
  • When you see this list of negative motivators allow the feelings to push you forward in a positive direction

He carried this practice into his adult and business life as well. Clearly, after having become a billionaire, we see that his negative motivator had a positive impact on his life.

-Important Disclaimer

That is why I say you have to know yourself, because…WARNING (pay attention to this part) WARNING, a negative motivator – if you’re very sensitive, empathetic, emotional, etc. – may have a “negative impact” on you. In this case you may want to avoid those types of situations. However, if you know that the people who doubt you can ultimately push you through, even when you’re doubting yourself, then you can use these negative motivators in your life.

Look at those areas where you may not be making significant progress based on the positive motivators you’ve surrounded yourself with. Maybe a negative motivator is now the answer for you.


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  1. That is a really good perspective /insight that you have offered . That is precisely the challenge that many people have in setting an intention or using affirmations , it’s these messages that we have playing in our heads that tend to conflict with our desires.

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