September 14

What Is Your Wish For The World?

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If you could have one wish for the world, what would that wish be? Some would say “I wish wars would stop”, or “I wish crime…”, or whatever the case may be. I thought about it for a moment and this is what came to me.

What’s Our Problem?

I think 99.99% of the problems we face as human beings lies within this one area of misunderstanding. It is the belief in the fact that we are separate, meaning I’’m separate from you, you’’re separate from the next person. It’s this disbelief or the failure of believing that we are all one. Not in the kind of corny, we-are-the-world type of scenario, but really, we are all one entity. We are different and distinctive individuations of that one entity, but we are all one.

We Are All One

When you think about the beginning or the source, whether you believe in the Big Bang, or whether you believe in the creationism theories, it doesn’’t matter. It’’s the exact same scenario that everything  began as one, and everything is still a part of The One. Regardless if  that “One”  is God, dense matter, or whatever you believe, – we are all one, because we all came from Source.

I think what happens, over time and over years in our evolution of intellect, we have gotten away from that understanding that we are all one entity. That’’s where the belief in separatism, and specifically, duality comes into play – the difference between good and evil, right and wrong, – those types of things.

I say, specifically ‘entity,’ and not ‘we’re one people,’ because I think it encompasses all things, trees, grass – everything comes from one Source. Again, I have to emphasize, it doesn’’t matter what your religious or scientific background is, whether you believe in evolution or creationism. Everything started from a single Source, and if everything started from that single Source, then that means that everything is that Source. There is no other than The Source. It’’s just Source, regardless, whether your opinion of Source is dense matter or God. We’’re all that, or we’’re all OF that, if you will. If we’’re all that, we’’re all one.

The Bottom Line

So, all the things that most people would have wished to have  gone away such as, war, hate, anger, fear, etc., would have been abolished. There would be no need for people to perpetuate those acts, if we truly understood that we are all one. You cannot do anything to anyone else that is not also done unto yourself. So, you wouldn’’t yell, steal from, hit, or hurt another person, because you would know that you would ultimately be yelling, stealing from, hitting, or hurting yourself.

To answer the question, if I had one wish, that wish would be that everyone understood and truly accepted the reality that we are all one.

Practical Application

All I want you to do is try these two things for a whole week (7 days):

    1. Keep a smile on your face
    2. Greet everyone you meet with a heartfelt hello

I want you to take notice of the positive things that will manifest from that simple act of kindness. Keep in mind, while practicing this, that you are one with all and treat everything accordingly.


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  1. This was a very powerful, very all encompassing message, my friend. You are very correct, Antonio, We ARE All One. And I agree that once our world realizes this underlying Truth, our interactions and relations, one-to-the-other will be as harmonious and complimentary as all of the functions within one body. Keep up the good work “A+”! Much respect.

  2. “Imagine there’s no countries
    It isn’t hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion too
    Imagine all the people
    Living life in peace…”

    John Lennon

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