November 24

What Goes Around?Comes Around – kinda

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So we?ve all heard the famous phrase ?What Goes Around, Comes Around,? right?

Have you ever noticed that most of the time people say this, it has to do with something ?bad? or implying that we get what we deserve? or justice has been served. Like, some puny kid at school stands up to the class bully, the we say ?what goes around, comes around!?

When it comes to the Law of Attraction, this is even more powerful. We already know that what we think about most is what we attract to ourselves?.But how about what we do?

In other words, why is it that what goes around, comes around?

This can be more accurately stated by saying that energy is never created, nor destroyed. The energy you put out into the world HAS to come back to you.

But here’s something to really think about: When something happens, there is a ?reaction? to that energy. i.e. for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

So in essence – what goes around?never really goes anywhere. It’s put out into the single field of energy and immediately starts to impact you. It doesn’t come back to you in it’s full form immediately , but the energy you’ve put out, creates its ‘reaction’ immediately.

Not necessarily in the same form. Like, if you steal something, someone will steal from you?But the energy of stealing is based in the energy of lack?which is a by-product of fear. So this energy of lack and fear comes back to you.

So the Golden Rule is truly golden as it relates to the Universe.

Treat others how you would want them to treat you, and through the Law of Attraction – you?ll get exactly what you ?deserve?.

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  1. Well said, i would agree that in any case that is what actually happens. It seems that the we are all caged in an energy field that catches all exerted actions and the reaction is based on how the action was done. So if you guys remembered any instances that you might have acted in a manner that is worth quoting as “well-exerted-action” whether considered as good or bad try to remember and determine what was the direct reaction that hit you back. try it and see what im talking about.

  2. Right. A very famous phrase. Yet we guys doesnt seem to care about it. Well if you can see a nation dropping bombs and you will apply this phrase it would really be devastating. Try to imagine it returning to you. I mean the logic is simple. If we care for this phrase and realize this to the fullest, Call me a liar but peace will rule.

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