August 12

What Do You Mean, "How Do I Make Money?"

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I get soooo many calls and emails from people asking how to make more money…

My question is how do you NOT make more money???

Money is just like everything else – It’s energy.

And what do we know about energy? It’s massively abundant.

The ONLY difference with money and most other energy is our thoughts about it.

I’ll give you a scenario.

Imagine you’re in your kitchen and you’re making an apple pie… but you’re almost out of apples and you need one more. You go to your next door neighbor (unless you live in New York 🙂 just kidding) and you ask your neighbor…

“Hey ____ (neighbor), can I have an apple for an apple pie I’m baking?”

They answer, “sure…here ya go…” (side note: For most people, they’d answer that way even if it were their last apple”)

So imagine this scenario:

You’re in your kitchen (making an apple pie) but you’re doing your bills also. You notice that your phone bill is higher than you thought and you need about $50 to cover the balance.

You go to your neighbor’s house…and you ask,

“Hey ____ (neighbor), can I have 50 bucks to pay my phone bill?”

Now…how do you feel right now?

Just take a moment to think about how reading this scenario made you feel…what did you think about, what emotions did you experience?

Did you feel uncomfortable?
Did you think it was ‘stupid’? Saying, who would ask a neighbor for 50 bucks?
How would YOU have handled that situation?

If you felt ANY differently about the money than you did the apple, then you may want to consider how you feel about money. If you felt uncomfortable from the very beginning, you may want to consider how you feel about lack or asking others for help.

Practical Application

Say these affirmations to yourself:

  • Money is abundant and is freely mine
  • Money comes to me easy and effortlessly
  • Earning $1 is just as easy as earning $1,000

Write these affirmations somewhere where you will be able to see them regularly and repeat them. You will be on your way to making more money with ease!


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