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War…Ugh…Good God Ya'll…What Is It Good For…

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…actually war is good for something.

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Yes, there actually a benefit to war…I’ll explain later.

But let me explain my opinion of war comes from in the first place.

One of the biggest questions people have about the law of attraction and the “motives” Universe is: “If the Universe in its benevolent nature, wanting good things for us…how is it that there are wars, disease, crime and those types of things?”

Well, specifically about war, and I have to say specifically, tongue-in-cheek, because war is no different than any other thing, it originates from a belief, it originates from a thought, and it manifests into its physical equivalent. However since I’ve written a pretty controversial article about the war, I decided to talk about war and I’m going to use it for my topic today.

Let’s think about war and look at it for what it really and truly is. You’ve got two guys, and I say guys mainly because guys start about 99% of all of the wars in the world…I’m sure women are probably 50% of the reason why wars are started, but guys definitely start the wars.

So, you got two guys, one believes one thing, the other one believes another thing. Whether it’s a religious belief, whether it’s a geographical boundary, whether it’s a political agenda, whatever it is, it’s two different beliefs.

So these guys believe these two things and they get into a conversation with each other, and one guy says, “Hey, this is my belief and it’s right…so you know, you should believe the same thing.” and the other guy says, “No, I don’t believe that. I believe this and you should believe what I believe.”

Then the first guy says, “You know, your belief is stupid. Mine is good, mine is right…yours is bad.” And the second guy says, “No mine is good, yours is bad.” So the first guy gets upset with that, and he says, “You know, well if you call my belief bad….I’m gonna hit you if you don’t believe what I believe.” and the second guys says, “Well, if you hit me, I’m gonna push you.”

Then the first guys says, “Well if you push me, I’m gonna club you with this stick.” and the second guys says, “Well, if you hit me with that stick, I’m gonna cut you with this knife.” and that goes back and forth until it gets to the point where the first guys says, “Well, you know, if you do that, I’m gonna get my buddy and he and I are going to rough you up.” and the second guys says, “Well, you go get your buddy, I’m gonna go get two of my buddies and all three of us are gonna beat up you two.” and then he says, “Well, I’m gonna get ten people then, and we’re gonna beat you guys up and then the other guys says, “Well, I’m gonna go get fifty.”

Then the first guys says, “I’m gonna get a hundred.” and then the other one says, “Well, I’m gonna get a thousand.” Then the next thing you know you’ve got a war. Now, as silly as it may sound on the surface level, that’s actually how wars begin. Someone does something, the other person doesn’t like it, and we’re at war.

And again, I go back to saying those beliefs can be anything. I’m not talking about any specific thing, it could be anything, religious, political, whatever…and those beliefs led to the thoughts which led to the words, which led to the actions of starting a war, and that’s what a war is. It begins with belief.

It’s just a bunch of people who are following two guys who disagree about something. I mean when you really think about it and you look at it that way…armies are just big gangs; that’s all they are. They’re just big gangs with more sophisticated equipment and probably a little bit more discipline and strategic organization than street gang. But they’re just gang members who are following their gang leaders. I mean, let’s look at the current war.

You know, Bush had an agenda and other people didn’t agree with the agenda, so Bush says I’m gonna go get my boys, I’m gonna go get my homies, “my posse” and we’re going to beat you up. We’re gonna come over there, we’re going to rough you around, we’re going to shoot at you, we’re going to steal your oil, and he just happens to have gang members behind him called the US Army, the Navy, the Air Force and the US Marines. (For those in the military, I honor you and salute you for what you do for this country and I truly do not intend on minimizing your contribution) And I say this not to over simplify why countries go to war, why governments go to war. But when you really look at it in its true essence, that’s really what it is.

Because just like in the gang, you know, you’ve got a few people in each gang who doesn’t really believe the same thing that the guys who are running the show believe. You know, I’ve known gang members in the past who’ve done things that they knew were wrong, they did things that they did not actually believe in, they fought in gang wars over things that they did not truly believe in and just like with any other military.

I mean, when you join the military, you pretty much hand over your life to whatever your government is and you pretty much do what they tell you to do, and if they tell you to fight some other guy because he belongs to another gang. If he tells you that, when you see this other gang’s colors, you hit this person, you fight this person, you shoot this person. If the government tells you to do that, you do it or you deal with the consequences just like in any other gang.

And this commentary is not to be political, meaning: I’m not here to make a political statement about the US government or another other government for that matter, because I don’t pay attention to all that stuff. This is solely for the purpose of explaining how these things happen. We create them; we create the wars that happen in our lives because we generate them from our thoughts.

Just the thought of war helps to create and propagate more of war. Whether you believe in it or not, just thinking about it gives it energy, just talking about it gives it energy, but that energy only fuels what’s already there. It fuels the belief system that two guys had and they decided to resolve their differences in belief by hitting and pushing each other – and that’s where war comes from.

So, if you don’t want war in your reality, if you don’t want to see war in your world – then don’t talk about war, don’t think about war, don’t focus on war, and don’t be antiwar, be pro-peace…. (AND…don’t write about war) Yes, this post is actually contributing to war.

Being antiwar, again fuels more of war, but when you’re pro-peace your focusing on what you want, and like I said, it’s the exact same thing as any other area of law of attraction. You don’t go around saying, you know, “I’m going to focus on not being broke…I’m going to focus on not being broke. I’m go to an anti-broke rally” Hey! Guess what you’re doing, you’re giving more energy to being broke and that is what gets you more of being broke. If you don’t want to be broke, fine. Focus on being wealthy, focus on abundance, focus on what it is you want, not what you don’t want.

When you find the things you don’t want showing up in your life, it should act as a signal to let you know that your thoughts are ‘taking control of you’. Signifying that you need to change your beliefs. Just like war, it’s a signal that an entire community, state, nation or world’s thoughts are out of control.

War doesn’t come out of nowhere… it comes from belief and thought. So when you see it, just like anything else, it means there is a belief that’s creating it….

And that’s my story…am I’m sticking to it.


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  1. Here’s the thing about war and the Law of Attraction… That which we focus on expands. So in giving your attention — and inviting the attention of others — to the topic of war, you have just energetically expanded war. What I’d love to see is your blog on PEACE and what that feels like, and how we will achieve it, and a clear picture of how different we will all be when we’re at PEACE.

    Here’s the thing that I think is tricky about Peace and the Law of Attraction… “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.” You remember that song. That really is the only way it works. And in order for me to truly be at peace – and thus expand the vibration of peace in the world – I have to allow those who want to war to be allowed to war. That’s their choice and in being non-resistent to their choice, I am not fueling their fight, but rather allowing it to fizzle out on its own.

    In order for their to TRULY be peace in the world, we all have to live and let live. And that means we EVEN have to let the people who are doing things we don’t like or don’t agree with do their thing and live their life the way they see fit. When I am not in alignment with the “warring” energy, I will never intersect with a warring situation. When I am not aligned with the “victim” vibration, I will not intersect with those who would seek to victimize or harm others. That’s where the truly safety and security is. All other security measures are an illusion.

    The Law of Attraction states “That which is like unto itself is drawn.” I choose to be “like unto” peace. And therefore, I attract peace.

  2. Another simple way at looking at heaven or hell on earth – regardless of what form they take – is that the Universe never makes a mistake. Whether an individual’s life or the life of an entire culture are made up of extremely good things, or extremely bad things, the Universe only delivered what was asked for.

    You always get what you ask for and what you focus on. If you want peace, then focus on peace. If you want war, then focus on war.

    The Universe does not determine whether something is “right” or “wrong”. It simply delivers what was asked for – every single time.

    Personally, I give the majority of my thoughts to having what I want. And the Universe continues to deliver. 🙂

  3. I enjoyed reading the article. It’s amazing what begins with your thoughts. (Or anyone else’s thoughts)…

    Remember that focusing on what you want will get you what you want, but remember also that selfishness is not what it’s all about. Kindness, service, love… that’s what it’s all about. Want that for others, and you’ll end up with abundance beyond what you can imagine.

    Keep up the good work Antonio.

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