December 13

Want Isn't True

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Sometimes, when I read things, they just go right over my head…and I don’t “think” about them (mainly because I’m usually reading at 300 words per minute).

But then hours…sometimes DAYS go by and it hits me like a Mac Truck.

A few weeks ago, I read a really interesting post by Catherine Franz about how to see “want” isn’t true. Initially, I thought the blog title was misspelled, so I overlooked it and didn’t “get it”.

But, I was driving down the street the other day and the it really hit me.

I can’t really can’t explain the point here…because you won’t be able to “get it”. Like I did. Take a look at it and let me know your thoughts…it should only take you about 5 mins to read… and no, you don’t have to read 300 words per minute 🙂


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  1. Yes it could be a typing mistake. But if she typed “what” instead of “want” maybe people wouldn’t be paying attention to the article so much. It’s great that the supposed typo exists.

  2. The word “want” is somewhat illusory anyway, because it implies that you don’t have everything inside you already to create. So, the five illusions Catherine listed are usually the illusions that underly “wants” in the first place.

    Quickly, this is what I mean:

    1. “The illusion of feeling useless or otherwise insignificant in life” translates into “I suck so I WANT to not suck.”–Not true…. the “want” is really a self-imposed limitation.

    2. “The illusion of discouragement” translates into “You gotta fail to succeed. I WANT to succeed but I don’t WANT to fail.”–Again, not true. Failure is a perception.

    3. “The illusion of regret” translates into “I screwed up big time. I WANT to not screw up again. Let me relive it and torture myself.”–do you really think someone WANTs to relive past hurt?…. not true….

    4. “The illusion of limitation” translates into “I WANT something else other than nothing, cause nothing breeds nothing”… there’s no such thing as “nothing.” This WANT suggests that they have nothing to begin with, which again isn’t true. They have the choice to think and believe something different, that can be a catalyst to begin the change.

    5. “The illusion that others are better, stronger, or wiser than I am” translates into “I WANT to be Beyoncé because of the obvious” (I love Beyoncé–lol) no really, If I honestly think that I WANT to be her, then I’m totally missing the point of ME being here. My purpose is really what I’m looking past. I’m looking at something that’s not true.

    Soooooooooooooo, there you have it…. my explanation of “want” not being true.

    Hope this helps!!!

    Love ya all!!!


  3. Yeah, on first reading it, I didn’t get it. I have to re-read and really find the want connection. And going back here, it’s almost just as what Megan said. 🙂
    Thanks for posting this up!

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