March 27

Using The Law Of Attraction To Lose Weight??

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Question I’m often asked is, “Can I use the Law of Attraction to lose weight or fix my credit…or something of that nature

My answer is no…and yes.

The reason why I say that is because I want to make sure that people have an understanding of the basic principles of the law of attraction.

The Law Of Attraction, though it’s somewhat of an esoteric type of teaching, it is an active law, meaning there is some activity (action) that is required to “activate” the law.

Unlike the law of gravity that is more of a passive type law, meaning you don’t really have to do anything to take advantage of the law of gravity. You can just sit there, you won’t magically start floating away. You just sit there and you are impacted by the law of gravity. The law of attraction isn’t the same

Though your thoughts may not seem to be a physical action, thinking is something that is “active” in the whole scheme of things.

You do have to actively desire something for that thing to show up for you. Additionally, once something shows up in your life, you have to receive it…and receiving is an active process. It’s an activity.

Hypothetically, if you are trying to use the law of attraction to win the lottery, you still have to go down to the store…buy the ticket, fill it out, then concentrate and focus on winning that lottery. And even if you won you still have to physically go down to the lottery office to claim your prize.

The law of attraction is an active type law.

I’ve said on multiple occasions, just looking at the word ‘attraction’, if you took out the word ‘action’, all you’re left with is ‘attr’ which means nothing, which is what you get if you don’t actively pursue the things you do desire.

Now, what does this have to do with losing weight or fixing your credit? Why did I answer the question initially no and yes? Because yes, you can use the law of attraction, but only as a “mechanism” to attract the things necessary to facilitate you losing weight.

What I mean by that is this: if you want to lose weight, and you think about losing weight, you visualize losing weight, you concentrate on and put time your thoughts and beliefs on losing weight, then what will happen (through the law of attraction) is you will begin to attract the information, the resources, the people, the tools and the necessary things to help facilitate you losing weight.

I do NOT believe that by just visualizing losing weight, the weight will just start melting away.
I do not believe that if you wanted to fix your credit, you can just think about your credit going up and then magically your credit score goes up.

I think what happens is when you focus on your credit being improved, you may find that there is some company that overlooked something that you paid off, that was not showing up on your report, and for some reason you didn’t see it before. Even if it’s not something that you DID…maybe focusing on improving your credit may initiate the process of some other company saying “Hey, we made a mistake on your credit report. We’re going to switch this and it’s going to improve your score”

So, do I feel that you can just sit there think about losing weight, think about winning the lottery, think about improving your credit or something of that nature and it just magically happens? No. I

really don’t believe that because the law of attraction is not a magic genie in a bottle. It’s a natural law that has specific conditions to actually work. This is not to say that the law of attraction does not work, it is mainly to say that the law of attraction is not a magic trick. It’s a principle that works through the avenues that it does in a natural environment that we live in.

Practical Application
Don’t expect things to just ‘happen’. Everything requires some type of action. Even if its merely desiring what you want and allowing it to come into your life – these are still actions!

When opportunity comes to you in the form of coincidences, you have to act on them to create the things you desire. You have to take advantage of the “coincidences” when you attract them.


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  1. Great article! I agree 110%. There’s a big difference between the law of attraction and wishful thinking. I think it was Myrtle Filmore (although it may have been H. Emilie Cady) who said you can’t expect affirmative prayer to work if you continue doing (or thinking) the same things you were doing (or thinking) that created the problem in the first place.

    I have found that visualizing my body as slimmer, healthier and stronger empowers me to ACT as though my body were already that way. And what slim, healthy, strong woman stuffs her face with junk all evening (as I used to do)?

    The big difference is that, working WITH the law of attraction, we start with the power of the thought, which changes our reality. The “old” way was to try to change our reality, through dieting, while continuing to have our “fat consciousness.” That does NOT work (believe me, I know!).

    Anyway, I sure am glad I found your blog. I’m RSS’ing it so I won’t miss a single entry.

  2. Nameste
    I really like what you are saying about the Law of Attraction.
    There is so much misunderstanding on this powerful law. So many people think it’s just a question of thinking and feeling what you want, when there is actually the action to do.
    (I love the thing of taking action out of the word attraction – never seen that before).

    I disagree that the LoA is only active. The fact is that we have the life that we have from past thinking and feeling and the LoA worked beautifully. It works at all time, so we may as well make it work in a creative matter, making our lives as we want it, and consciously.

    Good job.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed your post about the Law of Attraction not being a magic genie. Yes, it does require action for positive outcomes and I think that’s where the term “conscious creator” comes in. The law is working all the time whether we know it or not, so why not let it help us in our favor. Dr. Robert Anthony has some terrific material on the Law of Deliberate Creation.

    I’m enjoying your site!

  4. I was back-reading on your posts and saw this one. It’s the explanation of the rule, “Ask and you shall receive.” You don’t wait for something to happen and befall you, you visualize what you want and by doing that, you’re moving into actually attaining that goal, therefore receiving what you asked for.
    Great post here.

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