July 9

Use What You Have Now to Attract Even More!

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The best way to put yourself in a state of mind that will bring you more of what you want is to be grateful for what you have now.  Living the Law of Attraction means that “like will attract like”, and being grateful always produces positive thoughts and feelings.

I’ve found a good exercise that will allow you to use the positive feelings you have from being grateful to attract specific things that you want.

  1. I Am Grateful For… Write down two or three things that you are already grateful for. For example: I am grateful for my health, my family, and my career. Go into detail about why you are grateful for each of these things.
  2. Visualize Think about what you are grateful you for and feel happy about having these things. For example: Close your eyes and truly see yourself healthy and happy with your family and why you appreciate them. Focus and hold on to that fuzzy happy feeling, let a smile come across your face.
  3. Feel In The Present Moment Write down one thing that you want that you don’t currently have, and feel that same feeling of gratitude as if it is already yours. For example: You may want a promotion at work,  imagine being promoted right now. How does it make you feel at this present moment to be promoted? What are you going to be able to do with the extra money, time or perks? Focus and hold on to that positive feeling. Feel grateful and happy about this promotion in the same way you’re grateful for the position you already possess.
  4. Repeat Continue to repeat this pattern – focus on two or three things that you are happy you currently have, and then focus on one thing that you want.

Be Grateful You Are Living the Law of Attraction

This is living the Law of Attraction: using the feeling of gratitude to bring into your life more things to be grateful for.  Try to blur the line between things that you have now, and the things that you desire.  The universe responds to the way you feel about things.  If you can feel happy about things that you want to attract, by law they must be delivered to you.


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  1. Thanks for the tips antonio!

    What I normally did was write down on a piece of paper all the things I was greatful for, and then under each one I would write the reason “why” because I felt that got me more into the “feeling” of things; however, your advice seems like it could be more effective, since visualization is thrown in the mix.

    I’ll work on blending the methods you described with the one I am currently doing and see if that works.

    Thanks again… and great blog you have here antonio!

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