December 12

Tis The Season To Be Stressed Out – fa-la-la-la-la


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I hear so many people talk about how stressed out they are during the holiday season.

The usually is a result of the whole “gift giving”, cooking, preparing for company…

I can’t help but wonder how the holidays have come down to such details… the details of what to buy for friends and family, whether or not they’ve gotten a gift for everyone who may have purchased one for them… did they spend enough on the gifts they got for people and… the main question I hear all the time is: “do I even HAVE enough money to buy everything I need for the holidays?

I’m not the Santa Claus hat wearing type, but from my understanding, the holidays are not supposed to be like this.

The stress of fighting your way through overcrowded shopping malls and frantically trying to prepare holiday dinner for 20 guests leaves little left to ENJOY. People are so busy getting ready for the big day that we forget that we should be appreciating our friends and family, spending time with them, and being thankful for everything we have in our lives.

So this year- decide not to be stressed.

That’s right, you can avoid the typical season of stress simply by deciding not to be stressed out. Instead of spending tons of money on things to give everyone, consider giving your time… or better yet, teach them about the Law of Attraction or Psycho-cybernetics. When you teach someone you care about the Law of Attraction you give them a gift that’s worth more than money can buy… and one that they will have for the rest of their lives!



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  1. Exactly, that’s what is happening to me as of now. This morning, I will have to head to nearest sale shop and see what I can bring my godchildren and nephews this Christmas. But i do not see this activity as being stressful, it makes me happy. Well there arent quite a number of people on my list to give gifts. Thats why im kinda not stress out.

  2. Hmmm.. I think I knew only a few.. But most of us are happy this Christmas. Well I am happy giving gifts and at the same time I never fail to spend time with the ones I love.

    I never considered buying gifts as something stressful, I always enjoyed them.

    yep, also i shared the Law-of-Attraction with a friend and we had some discussions about it and I think one of this days he will join the community here in your blogsite.

  3. Yes.. thats true. Especially for me that every year my list is getting longer and longer. You wouldnt believe me if I tell you how much I spend every Christmas season just for gifts.

    Somehow I feel really stressed about this things, yet when christmas eve approaches and I can see them smile upon receiving the gift, i can feel that everythings worth it. So for this season, I think i wouldn’t chose yet to stop buying gifts πŸ™‚

  4. Well, I can hear that from my wife. I explained to her that if you keep on bragging about it then i think you better stop it. Then, she will just answer me with a smile and tell me that dont mind her and that shes actually happy about it. She just wants to let me know the effort she brings to make the Christmas season enjoyable to all the people around us.

  5. In this case, i have no right to decide. LOL. I have no choice but to continue this things everytime the “ber” months starts. Its not because im just forced to this. Well, sort of. But i do not want to fail the kids that expect from me. All I can do for them is give them something they can enjoy of evertime the year ends. And i know that time will come that they can remember this things and start there own way of doing it with christmas.

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