September 17

Just A Tree – or – The Universe At Its Absolute Finest!

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There’s a house across the street from where I was living was vacant for some time. The owners didn’t bother cutting the grass, the house wasn’t kept up and it just got totally out of control.

It was really frustrating for a while and I remember I kept saying that I wish the house would go away.

Obviously the house wasn’t going to change, but the way I felt about it could.

So I let go of the frustration and just accepted it for what it was. I didn’t like it, but I accepted it.

A few weeks later the Universe said, “here you go…”

The Tree

This photo really doesn’t do the tree justice. It’s absolutely beautiful and it totally covers up the house.

Ask, and you will receive…every time.


Law Of Attraction, Observations

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  1. I love the tree! It is perfect.

    but i’m wondering how bad the house looks..

    Anyway, it’s true that there are things we can’t really get away with. No matter how bad we feel about it. I know everyone of us has experienced this kind of things.

    Some people get solutions just to ease tensions a bit. In this case, you are a lucky man, Mother Nature did find a good solution for you.

  2. Is that a coincidence or something? I had just finished reading one of your later posts. I was so enlightened about the coincidence topic.

    But in this case, I think you’ll have to have me just one exception. it’s this tree!

  3. How interesting. And what a coincidence?! The tree looks fantastic and really covered this “house” you don’t like. Just how awful is it anyway?

  4. This is an absolutely great story! It just goes to show you that you are absolutely right! Be careful of what you wish for!

    I am such a great fan of the law of attraction and your blog post just shows another great example of the law of attraction at work!

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