October 10

"The Secret" Society


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I’ve put together an awesome Law Of Attraction group in Atlanta called “The Secret” Society. It’s a group of people who’ve seen The Secret and want to share their experience with the Law Of Attraction.

We meet weekly alternating between face-to-face meetings and a conference call.

Our first meeting we had 17 people!

This is truly an amazing group of people… and I’m thankful to be a part of it

If you’re ever in the Atlanta area on Mondays at 7pm or just want to join in on the conference calls…come on down. You’re always welcome


Law Of Attraction

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  1. This sounds pretty cool. I was a member of a group like this and I find it very healthy to be with people who share same common views.

    Face to face meetings are really more powerful as you will really know the person, the group as to what they really are. You will feel you are more into it.

    I cant promise my attendance, but i will be with you guys one of these days.


  2. Antonio, I’m very interested and would love to take part of this group, but I’m in Minnesota :-(?? How am I gonna keep in touch with you, guys?

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