February 27

The Secret Is Stupid? Ok, So Cast The First Stone…


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Let’s just forget about Rhonda Byrne, all the teachers of the secret and the movie itself for a moment.

A Couple of questions for all the critics of The Secret:

What are you doing to enact change in the world?

Even if Rhonda and the teachers of the secret were wrong…. they are all putting forth effort to help others.

Thousands of people’s lives have been improved since watching the Secret DVD or reading the book.

Jesus said, “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone…”

So again I ask, How many lives have you impacted today?

If you guys are so smart and have life all figured out…where’s your book?


Law Of Attraction

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  1. I couldn’t have said it better myself! Why must people choose to criticize something that brings happiness, enlightenment, and positive change to people’s lives? The world we live in today requires a drastic change in the way most people think and interact with each other. The fact that so many people have responded to “The Secret” since it was on Oprah is a blessing and it should be embraced!
    To Your Prosperity,

  2. EpiphanyB,

    You’re spot on!! Glad you stopped by…It’s an honor to have other bloggers comment on the site. 🙂

    I think we’re doing what we should be doing. Not one major movement for change was widely accepted. In fact, there were usually more naysayers. So I know we’re on the right path.

  3. Antonio,

    I just posted a Law of Attraction believer/non believer post over on my site in direct response to the latest negative media.

    Not to leap into the fray, of course, because LOA’ers know better than that. However, like you, I am pointing out the fact that these methods work to help people improve their lives – no belief required.

    Your question about impacting lives is right on time. All you have to do in order to compare the perceived good vs. bad in this situation is to ask who has been served more, the people who are casting stones and their followers, or the people who have been given hope?

    That’s a rhetorical question, of course! 🙂

    p.s. – I listen to your podcast AND I have M.C. Hammer on my iPod…

  4. Aaron,

    It’s always a pleasure to have you stop by the blog!

    I read your post and totally agree. We’re on the right path by doing the things we’re doing…

    I can go to sleep at night knowing that the words that come across the blog and podcast are changing the world!!

    Everyone, if you don’t know Aaron, he’s got a GREAT blog self-improvement blog :http://www.todayisthatday.com/blog.

    Glad to hear you’re a Hammer fan too 🙂

  5. Thanks for the endorsement, Antonio! I love the fact that there are so many of us who are spreading the real truth not just about the LOA, but about consciously creating our lives in general.

    Speaking of creating our lives, I almost spit coffee all over my computer screen when I saw your bobble head MyBlogLog icon! FUNNY stuff!

  6. Amen Brother. Preach on. As an international law of attraction, I come across a lot of people with many different ideas about The Secret. I have to admit-this one might just be the most intelligent one. = )

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