January 26

Does Staples Know The Secret?

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Had a friend come by the other day and she saw my easy button. She pressed it and heard the “That Was Easy” guy. She clapped and jumped up and down…then pressed it again…and again… and again. I had to put her on punishment and ban her from pressing the button again 🙂

Law Of Attraction - Easy Button

However it did make me think about why things have seemed to come so easily for me in the last few weeks. I mean think about that…I have a big red button on my desk that says “That Was Easy!” and I press it all day. I press it when I get off a phone call, I press it when I send an email…sometimes I press it just when I look at it.For me, it’s a constant reminder that life is easy. It also draws more easy situations to come about so I can press the button
Plus, when I see myself getting in to my infamous ‘overwhelm’ mode, I know it’s something I shouldn’t be doing.

What are you doing to remind yourself that life is easy?


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