January 8

The Science Behind Superstition – Did You Eat Your Peas?

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Eating black eyed peas on new year’s is supposed to bring you good luck and financial abundance.

Though I don’t have any superstitions, I do “believe” in them – conceptually. Meaning: they work for the people who believe in them.

There’s actually some science to “prove” it.

Think about The Placebo Effect. During medical trials, a group of subjects all suffering from the same illness are gathered together to participate in a clinical trial of a new medicine. Some patients will be prescribed the actual medicine and others will be given nothing more than a sugar pill.

The amazing thing they have discovered is that some people believe so strongly that they have received a new, miracle drug for their illness that they actually become well even when they weren’t taking the real drug. These results have lead many scientists to undoubtedly believe in the power of thought to create reality.

The driving force behind all the New Years resolutions and common superstitions is the power of belief.

Energy flows where attention goes, and if your attention is on superstitions, they’ll become your reality…whether they serve you or not.

You can just as easily believe that black eyed peas bring you good luck as you could bad luck. Either way, you’re right.

The cool part is YOU get to chose what you want to believe in.

Practical Application

If you have “superstitions”, consider the source. Is it some ‘tradition’ your family’s been blindly following for years? If so, is it serving you? If not, really consider what’s driving you to participate in them.

Make up your own superstitions. Just start telling yourself something like – “Every time you break a mirror, you add 10 years to your life” or “Every time you lose your keys, you’re attracting a more expensive car” or “when your favorite sports team loses 2 games in a row, you’re going to get a raise”

There are no “rules” to superstitions.

They’re equally as powerful or as silly as you view them.

Someone made them up…why can you?

By the way, did you eat your peas?


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  1. Every time I find a penny, I feel like I’ve found a one hundred dollar bill on the ground.

    Interestingly enough, Saturday, I found a penny on the ground outside of Wal-Mart. On Monday, one of the parents of one of my violin students gave me a one hundred dollar bill as a “thank you” for all that I’ve done to help her and her son.

    Pretty neat “superstition!”

    Thanks for this post!


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