February 7

The Same Path


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We are all on the same path, although some of us may take a periodic side road, try to take a short cut, or even take a wrong turn and get lost, then find our way back to the road again, we’re all on the same road, seeking to improve ourselves.

That’s is what we’re all after – to grow, learn, better ourselves. Think about it, whether you’re trying to figure out why you always sabotage your relationships, or you’re trying to boost your self-confidence at work so you can get a better job, those are both efforts to improve.

You could be looking to learn more about your inner-self by trying to control angry outbursts or you could be looking to fix up your outward appearance by losing a few pounds, these are all steps to grow and better yourself.

Even though the specific goals may be different, we’re all on a path of growth and learning to get there.

You may realize your growth paths and some of the things you are trying to do to better yourself. Chances are you have friends who are supportive of you in your goals.

Are you there for them? Even if some of the accomplishments they are trying to make don’t seem too impressive to you, remember, you’re on the same road, just with just different specific destinations.

A friend of mine share a business idea that I personally thought was severely beneath his potential at best…stupid at worse. However, I had to stop and recognize that this is HIS path…not mine. He obviously feels he’s supposed to be doing this right now.

Amazingly, in the conversation, when I ‘stopped judging him’ he actually said…”Hey man, I know you’re thinking that this is beneath me…I know it is, but I just need a success right now to get me to the next level.”


These roads are easier to travel with friends, so you should try to be a support structure as much as you want someone to be yours.

Personal Application

Recognize that everyone is doing the best that can at that time.

Honor that.

Allow people to be where they are…on the path they’re on. When a friend (or someone you care about) isn’t living up to what you think their potential is, share that with them (non-judgmentally) but allow them to ‘grow’ through what they need to get where they’re going.


Law Of Attraction

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