August 12

The Fast Lefty…

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I played basketball when I was younger and I was actually really good….

Well not really. I actually kinda stunk. I was short and pudgy and I couldn’t shoot. 🙂

But why did all the coaches want me on their team?

1) I was TOTALLY unselfish when it came to the play. I was always passing.

2) I was lightning quick and had great agility

3) I was left handed.

Those were the ONLY things I had going for me..

But I used what I had.

I’ll explain…

1) Totally unselfish
I was one of the best ‘assist guys’ at the time because I could pass behind my back, through my legs…even through an opponent’s legs… why? Because I couldn’t shoot worth a crap. I couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn if it fell on me. But I didn’t try to either. When I realized that I wasn’t a great shooter, I practiced on passes. For hours, I’d work on my ‘behind the back pass’ in the back yard. I made a chalk circle on the tree and would throw it hundreds of times until I could hit it 10 times in a row…

So to a coach, I was a godsend because all the other kids wanted to shoot every time they got the ball, whether they were open or not

2) Lightning fast
Even though I was a little pudgy, I could move like a cat. Mainly because I loved dancing so much. I also loved running and riding my bike, so I had great stamina. I didn’t get as tired as other kids did, even though I was heavier than they were. But here’s the cool thing, because I was heavier, none of the other kids could ‘box me out’ because they just couldn’t move me.

3) I was left handed.
Well, obviously I had nothing to do with this, but as you know, right handers significantly outnumber lefties…so as most kids were being taught to guard other kids from the right side… I was always going the other way. Making my life a whole lot easier.

There you have it… a great (but not so great) basketball player… I used what I had.

I didn’t try to be anything I wasn’t, I didn’t try to do the things I wasn’t good at. I focused on what I was best at. I did spend a little time on the other areas, but not much…just enough to be knowledgeable…not an expert.

I think that’s one of the quandaries that’s created in school…the thought that we have to be great at everything. Nowhere else in life do we have to play all the positions on a team…

Forget about trying to be great EVERYTHING…just focus on what you do best.

Practical Application

Make a list of the things you’re great at and make them even better…do them to point where you can ‘do them with your eyes closed’ and have other people’s head spinning.

Don’t worry about everything else…find others to fill in the holes, but only focus on what you do best


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