October 20

The Aftermath


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After Thursday, I decided to take off a couple of days, just to spend some time with myself and get my head together. It was a very, very empowering weekend. Learned a lot about myself and was really able to break through some of the challenges that I had been experiencing over the last few weeks.

When I got back, I went through my email and checked my blog comments and I was just inundated with the amount of messages I’ve received from people all around the world about how they really appreciated my openness and candidness with my video.

Many of them are shared their personal experiences and also offered words encouragement which I truly and deeply appreciate.

But throughout this entire process, I came to appreciate an existing ‘knowing” – We go through everything we go through for a reason.

There are three things that stand out for me –

1) The recognition that I am worth it, and
2) I am here to help others.

Another thing that has really shown up for me is the process of identifying these types of internal challenges and how we can actually proactively prevent them.

So over the next few weeks, I’m going to be working on putting together some notes about my thoughts on this entire process.

I personally feel that this will help a lot of people to prevent or better deal with depression and other types of emotional upheavals…. stay tuned


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  1. People really appreciate it when they hear the truth and that takes courage and bravery. So thank you for coming from that place. It makes you very real, plus most people can relate to you as a result of that. Keep on keeping on, thats what i say

  2. i just want you to know that since i started living the secret and studying through reading different things you are right the way i listen, look and feel is different since i know the law. i had a realization when i noticed that i can visualize negative things happening all the time and i could never understand why until one day my son was taking his time coming home from the store and all sort of things ran through my mind and i actually started to cry and at that moment my feelings were so strong and that’s why the visualization was so REAL!!! now my question is how do i visualize postive things that strong?

    have a blessed day!

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