November 27

Thanksgiving: All Or None


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Thanksgiving: All Or NoneOf course it’s that time of the year again where people gather ’round with their friends and family, eat, have fun and give thanks for the things in their lives.

However, I’d like to add one thing that people usually DON’T give thanks for – “PROBLEMS”

You’d be hard pressed to hear at any thanksgiving table around the country, “Thanks for the economic crunch, thanks for the hurricanes, thanks for getting me fired, thanks for the root canal, thanks for ripping me off…” or any thing like that.


However, we have to keep in mind that on some level, we’ve attracted these things in our lives… Most likely to learn a lesson, but we DID attract them – so we should be just as thankful.

Not necessarily for the thing itself, but for the fact that we needed to learn something or grow in a certain area, so we ASKED for the appropriate lesson – and the universe provided.

That’s something to be thankful for!

Because if we can’t be thankful that we’ve attracted perceived negative things, how can we be thankful for attracting positive things? They’re two sides of the same coin.

Now, this isn’t meant to ruin your thanksgiving… so please don’t take it the wrong way…actually it’s meant to give you hope and vision for a brighter future.

Because, if you know that you’ve attracted ALL the things that occur in your life, you can attract whatever you want.

If you want a Thanksgiving mantra that sums this up… here ya go:

I am truly thankful for all aspects of my life.  I know that everything that appears in my life (whether perceived positive or negative) is explicitly attracted to me – by me – for my own growth and enlightenment.  I’m thankful that the universe responds to my every request; therefore, I am empowered to choose anything I want. With peace, love and gratitude, I embrace all that awaits me.

Of course, you can use your own variation… just thought this would be a good start for you.


And oh yeah…Happy Thanksgiving


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  1. You’re absolutly right, Antonio. If my business didn’t turn so wrong, I would laught about law of atraction and never knew it. And it’s wonderful because I’m putting my life up again, with more strong and wisdom, in a new way.

  2. I know people don’t like to hear it but what you are saying is totally true. I am learning that same lesson right now in my work life. God is teaching me to have patience. I learned this lesson a while back and I keep reminding myself this. Some people might not understand it right away, but until they learn it, they will keep coming across the same “problems” or experiences until they do. Thanks for having the courage to tell it like it is.

  3. Unfortunately many people do not understand how the universe works and that of course leads to frustration and a willingness to point the blame elsewhere. Maybe one day our education system will begin to teach our children about the law of attraction and become a part of normal life.

    Nice post.

    Gary Kidd

  4. Thanks Antonio,
    I really appreciated this. It’s so true and so easy to lose sight of….great and useful insight.
    With Love and Light,
    As Ever,

  5. If everything was ok how could you grow,are why would you?Am I right where I need to be? Are am I right where I should be? These are the thing’s I ask myself when life keeps on keepen on.

  6. Hello Antonio and I hope you had a very happy Thanksgiving. I am in total agreement with you on this. Maya Angelou even said that on the Ophra Show that when problems arise, the first thing you should do is thank God for them and not curse them because of the wonderful lesson we are going to get by resolving them. You take care and once again hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving. Richard McCowen

  7. Happy Thanksgiving (or happy black Friday).

    I agree with you Antonio. I view everything that happens to me as something that I can turn into good. If nothing else, it can be viewed as a learning experience.


  8. While I just don’t agree that we draw “bad” things to us “at some level, whether we know it or not”, I do think that what we do with what the world gives us is up to us. Yes, these are hard times, but also times of great opportunity that challenge us to think in new ways and grow. My local newspaper is full of dire phrases, like “will this downturn ever end”, “the economy that stole Christmas,” often announcing what very positively motivated people are doing in the coummunity to help. When we can see past the situation, which we can do nothing to change, to viewing our thoughts, responses, and perceptions, which we are totally in control of, the label of “bad” in the times becomes irrelevent… these are the times, what will we do with them. Thanks for the uplifting post.

  9. Thank you Antonio for the inspiring post. A direct result of so-called bad things happening to us is fear. We must observe ourselves,impartially,non judgementally. We must feel it inside of us. Eckhart Tolle says we must allow it to be– because it is WHAT IS! In other words, we don’t fight it like we usually do. The tuth is Fear is unnatural and therefore unnecessary.

    You are right on Antonio. We created this reality,BUT ,we can create a New Reality.

  10. I agree Antonio that we must give thaks for the good and not so good in order to learn and move forward. If we don’t we build up resistance and you know what you resist…it persists!! 🙂

  11. Antonio,

    You comment is in good taste and fashion.
    Everything that happens in life is for our good, even the go called bad stuff. If we are aware, immediately, we will look for the lesson as you mentioned. We can live our lives in anticipation of the good always showing up. Let us remain students of life.

  12. Thanks for encouraging words. I have been struggling financially for the past 5 months and things seem to get worse each month, but I know that there is a light at the end. god is in my corner and I am just waiting for that blessing instead of getting mad at him. As you stated, we all have put ourselves into our situations somehow or another and it is up to us to pull ourselves out and make things better. That is so true. But also so hard. I am thankful for all that I have in life, the good and bad. There is a lesson to learn through it all. Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving.

  13. Antonio, I agree with you. You are asking that we change our thinking about the situations that occur in our lives and see such situations as opportunities for growth. We must remove the labels, “negative” and “positive” and just look at the situation as an opportunity to learn and grow.

  14. THANK YOU Yes! I agree with you life has its ups and downs and we have to learn to take all life has to offer the good and bad and make the best of it all and most of all learn from the good and bad. God does put a few stumbling block along the way. The blocks do help us be stronger and roll with the life in general. Have a great day.

  15. Great Thoughts as always…..Mr. Antonio….I actually did say thank you for the percieved negatives in my world…had I not got laid off, I would have not started my own company that is very lucrative and mainly highly fulfilling…it’s all good and it’s all God!! BE FREE!

  16. Law of attraction is very true you attract who you are and What you give out to the universe you will receive back !You can’t waste time listening to pity parties a sign of someone not wanting what they issued out

  17. YIN YANG. Without both, there would be no movement – no life. One helps us even recognize the other. What can we say? …They’re both necessities for the motion that is LIFE, and they’re both going to happen because we exist. The response – now there’s the thing – is totally in our hands.

  18. I might also add that response is really the only thing that IS totally in our hands, which we CAN control. You can’t control whether good or bad is going to happen to you, per se, but you can choose to manifest focus on the perception that houses the outcome you’d like. Brain-twister, but it all comes down to CHOICE when we respond. And of course, how we do respond always affects outcome.

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