February 5

Shutup And Listen!


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A guy I know wanted to start a business of his own. He had an idea of what he wanted to do, but didn’t know exactly how he would do it.

He has a full time job and wanted to quit, but didn’t want to give up the income.

The company he works for was going through some changes and he was about to be temporarily laid-off and would possibly be re-hired after the company’s restructuring.

A couple days ago, his boss gave him rather strange proposal. They would lay him off at 50% salary for 3 months or work in another department at 75% of his current salary.

He was outraged.

So much so that he got into a shouting match with is boss…getting promptly fired and sent home.

Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

So now he’s unemployed and has NO income versus 50% of his income.

So, what happened here?

His desire of wanting to start his business showed up as an opportunity to get 50% of his income, staying at home building his new business.

But in his frustration, he missed a great opportunity.

On a side note (there is no real “missed” opportunity…things can come anyway possible) Of course he can still do anything he wants.

My point?

Here’s a ‘golden’ opportunity, 3 months to start a business with income to live on and support the business – exactly what he “asked” for, but was “missed” because he wasn’t listening (allowing) what he asked for.

This is really easy to do when we have our own conversations going on in our heads.

It’s important to quiet ourselves to ‘hear’ the answers to the things we ask for.

Practical Application

Listen for the ‘answers’ you’re asking for. Spend some ‘quiet time’ everyday to listen. This helps you ‘put up your radar’ and see the opportunities that may support your desires.



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  1. I definitely have to agree with this post!

    There have been times when this has been true for me!

    I remember once wanting more money so that I could make a purchase of something specific and even though I saw know way of getting it as fast as I wanted it – I still put that thought out to the universe and “viola” I got $2! And it happened that same day!

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