November 2

Shift Happens…

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A coaching client recently asked me if I was happy all the time. She says,”Antonio, every time we talk on the phone or when I see you, you seem to be so upbeat…it’s like you’re on top of the world. Are you ALWAYS happy like that?

“Of course I am.” I replied…Yeah right

No. I’m not always happy. Like today. Not the best of days.

I had something planned for last night and that didn’t work out. So I went to bed early (midnight) and got up refreshed and feeling pretty good.

Well, I went downstairs to take care of a few things on the computer, only to find out there was a leak in the ceiling last night and water dripped directly into my laptop…all night.

Here’s the leak:


Yes. My laptop computer 🙁 I make 90% of my income from the Internet so this wasn’t a good thing…(some good news about this later)

So after I freaked out for 5 minutes…okay, just kidding 30 minutes, I just sucked it up and went to Office Depot to buy a new laptop. They didn’t have one with all the features I wanted, so I just grabbed the best one they had and an external hard drive, then went back home to get back up and running as soon as possible.

Here’s the new laptop. It’s a Toshiba…I REALLY don’t like Toshibas

So I’m back home, troubleshooting the laptop…remembering the days when I did this for a living – yuck. I was able to get the computer back on, but the keyboard wasn’t working properly. The majority of the keys were working, but get this – the keys I needed to log into my system weren’t working. Go figure! ARRRGGG!

So I took off the keys and used my compressed air – that worked.

So I was back up! Whew

Now the plan was to copy all my important files from the laptop to the external hard drive

Well, while the files were copying, I went to make breakfast. I had a Spinach Alfredo pizza from Papa John’s the other day, so I decided to eat that…because thy ALWAYS make me feel better

So I’m heating the pizza up and my brother calls me. We’re talking then all of a sudden I hear the smoke detector going off.

Yep…you guessed it… I burned my pizza

So this is when I stopped and took a minute to look at how I was feeling and decided to ‘flip switch’ and shift into a better mood.

This is SOOOO important. Sometimes things don’t go like we want them to…for whatever reason. But the one thing we have total control over is how we feel or what we think about the things that happen.

So I decided to feel good about the day. Understand what I mean by that. I don’t mean that I was “happy” about my laptop getting soaked…but I felt great that I could walk out the door and spend $2,500 on a new laptop without blinking.
I wasn’t excited that I burned my pizza, but I chose to be thankful for smoke detectors…otherwise this would be a totally different post.

It’s easy to say things like “every cloud has a silver lining…” or “look on the bright side…bla, bla, bla.”

But are you FEELING that way?

Take your 5-10 minutes to be mad, sad, etc. then shift into a higher vibration to attract the things you really want into your life. We’re human, and one things humans do is emote. We feel. You’re going to have emotions, but don’t let them have you. Don’t let them dictate your life.

Something to think about

Oh yeah…I almost forgot. – the good news: One thing this made me realize is the importance and benefit of having multiple streams of passive income. Despite all that happened, I was still able to make $1,874.22 with a broken laptop.


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  1. I’d be really pissed off if it had happened to me, man. I’m sorry ’bout what happened to your notebook and your pizza, too.

    What a day! Oh well, things like that just really happen.

  2. What a day to start… Sorry ?bout what happened to you notebook and your meal (burned pizza), man. But you?re still good, though, and that?s what?s more important.

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