February 17

Review: The Vibrational Universe, Kenneth MacLean


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The Vibrational Universe The Vibrational Universe (Spiritual Dimensions) by Kenneth James MacLean

The Law of Attraction is successfully awarded a wonderful place on many bookshelves and coffee tables across the world because of this book.  It has effectively and essentially delivered on a variety of subjects to allow the reader to see exactly how it applies to each and every area of our lives.  This book was provided by the universe for those of you who need an easy way to understand the concept, but need to have it also be a practical guide to your successful application of the principles.

This book is a great work that will challenge you to live what you learn.  It has been called “a fascinating and convincing read.”  If you have ever wondered how you can tell when someone is mad how doesn’t show it, the book will talk to you of emotional vibrations that we put off that explains how “you just know.”  Mr. MacLean will also bring to your attention the negative beliefs that you have and how to control or eliminate them from your life.  This book is intelligently written without making you feel unintelligent when you read it.  He gives detailed examples of how to apply the principle in your life.  Try it today!  I know that you won’t be able to put it down, until you have read every last word!


Law Of Attraction

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