February 17

Review: The Nature of Personal Reality, Jane Roberts (A Seth Book)


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The Nature of Personal Reality

A non-dogmatic, supernatural phenomena. That is this book in a nutshell. It is about a spirit named “Seth,” who is channeled through Jane, to bring a fresh perspective to the subject of personal reality. Personal reality is relative to the subject of the Law of Attraction in many ways, but the main point the book is trying to bring to light is the fact that WE shape our own realities.

The basic principle of creating the life you want for yourself says that you must go through many experiences in life. Each one of the experiences you encounter builds on itself. Then, you get to where you are going. Take just a moment to reflect on your life. You can see an actual memory path that lead you to where you are today. Different experiences built upon each other to create your current reality. “Seth,” through Jane, teaches us about this, and how we can shape our lives from these experiences. It will probably be the best metaphysical education that you ever get. Get the book(s), check out the information you will be pleasantly surprised when the information you read starts to resonate with you somewhere eep within.


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