Review: The Hidden Power, T. Troward

The Hidden Power
Judge Thomas Troward created many articles and manuscripts that were never published. Very few of them were found to be unworthy of publishing. This book is a compilations of several works of his, some notes that the author left laying around, and several works that were published in the year 1902 in “EXPRESSION; A Journal of Mind and Thought.” It was a London Publication. Mr. Daniel Murphy painstakingly compiled the book into a feasible format to make it easy to read.

In this compilation you will find such articles as The Hidden Power, The Perversion of Truth, Affirmative Power, Submission, Completeness, Desire as the Motive Power, Yourself {Yes, This is the actual name of the article :)}, Beauty, Separation and Unity, Externalization, The Central Control, among many others.

Judge Troward put much thought into each piece that he created. He wanted to share with the world his enlightened state. I hope that you enjoy the small articles as much as I did. They really can impact you profoundly as you read through them. You may purchase a copy, and grow in your understanding of the philosophical principles that are displayed well in this book.

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    I’m seeking more detailed info on Daniel M. Murphy – about who he actually was, how/why he became involved with Troward’s works, etc.
    Thanks for any guidance!


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