February 1

Review: Power of Intention, Wayne Dyer


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 Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer

Power of IntentionThe secret to authentic life long happiness is revealed in this book.  Wayne Dyer teaches us how to walk away from an ego centered life, to run to a more enlightened point of view.  He talks of tapping into the universal energy around us and using the “power of intention” to create a new life.  The book is talking about people who have made themselves ready and willing to accept all the good things that life has to offer them.  Each persons idea of success if different.  Some want to achieve a level of freedom that is currently not available to them.  Some want to create an unlimited flow of cash into their bank accounts.  While, still others, want to create an abundance of love in their lives. 

There are suggestions on how to become stronger “connectors” to the universe, which can play a huge role in your success. With so much to offer I really don’t know how anyone can walk away from  this deal.  You can pick up your copy and be working on your connection to the universe sooner than you think.  Get your copy of Power of Intention today and connect.


Law Of Attraction

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