February 17

Review: Coincidance – A Head Test, Robert Anton Wilson


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Coincidence: A Head Test by Robert Anton Wilson

Robert Anton Wilson has created several essays that are compiled into this book. It “reviews” all types of literary works while putting the information into a perspective that is understandable to the average reader. It is a book that covers everything from political ideas and philosophies to sociological issues, back to theosophical ideologies in his essays. He covers many subjects that are woven into the tapestry of our society. This book is definitely worth the read. It may challenge some readers, but you will not regret having read the materials in this book. It will make you understand the literature in a whole new light. Creating a new view of the way that you translate the original texts that were used for the essays. Buy it today so that you can read one of the best books ever compiled by Robert Anton Wilson.


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