November 21

Recognize Your Power and Change Your Life


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You are already a creator. Your life is your creation. Do you know anyone else with a life exactly like yours? While you may not have the life you desire, you were perfect at creating the life you have.


What this suggests is that you have the power to create a new life for yourself and do it just as perfectly.


Recognize your power! Claim it! And use it to forge the life you want!


Follow these strategies to effectively use your power to change your life:


  1. Take full responsibility. The first step is to take full responsibility for all the good and challenging things in your life. If you believe that you created them, it’s easier to believe that you can change them.


  • Even if some of the things you wish to change aren’t really your fault, it is still 100% your responsibility to change them. Who else is going to do it?


  • Taking full responsibility is critical if you want to change your life.


  1. Look at your past successes. Notice all of the good things you’ve accomplished in the past and how you brought them to fruition. Acknowledge the influence and the power you had in your successes.
  2. Look at your past “failures.” Notice the influence you had on things that may not have turned out the way you wanted. Maybe you inadvertently created a challenge or didn’t take positive action. Take responsibility for your part in the unfavorable result.


  • Learn to view failing as a positive (though unpleasant) outcome. What have you learned from past “failures” that can help you eventually succeed in your endeavors?
  1. Set new goals. Many people live like a feather blowing in the wind, never having a true direction. It’s important to choose your destination. Leaving things to luck and chance is choosing not to use your power at all.


  • Consider that a sandcastle never spontaneously rises from the beach. You have to intentionally build a sandcastle for it to materialize. Luck and chance will never get the job done reliably.


  1. Reinforce your goal. Each day, rewrite your goal and imagine how you’ll feel when you accomplish it. Focus on your priority rather than whatever you fancy at the moment.


  • For example, you might want to go on a date with so-and-so and you want to be single. You want a million dollars and you want to leave work early. Pretty soon, you’re contradicting yourself and it all gets the same low priority.


  • Reinforce your goals daily, and they’ll become a priority over all the other noise in your head.
    1. Measure your progress. It’s important to constantly measure where you are against your goals. If possible, measure every day.


  • If you’re trying to earn more money, how much money did you earn today? If you’re trying to lose weight, how many pounds did you lose?


  • You can’t make the proper adjustments if you’re unaware of your progress.


  1. Take a step closer to your goal each day, even if it’s a baby step. Every day, do something to move forward toward the life you want. Ask yourself, “What did I do today to create the life I desire?”

Do you see how you’ve been using your power all along, but perhaps not for what you really want? And you will continue to use that power, whether or not you realize it.


The real question is: will you choose what you’re going to create?


The alternative is to rely on luck and circumstance. Life is short, so claim your power to create the life you want to live. Set a few goals that will change your life and use these steps to make them happen.


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