October 11

Overcoming Self-Limitations: Here's Your "Holy Blessing"

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Holy BlessingI just attended a seminar (that I won’t mention)…and at the end we were given certificates “certifying” that we were now able to do the things that were being taught.

Ironically, I knew about 95% of what was taught…in fact, I’ve been doing and TEACHING a lot of what was taught at the seminar.

I’m not discounting the instructor or the course itself… it was just amazing to me that I knew as much as I knew… the instructor even asked that I help the other students who were having trouble.

Because of my own self-imposed limitations, (I didn’t feel as if I “knew enough”) I took this course… because on some level I think I needed to have someone tell me that I ‘could do’ what I was already doing.

It felt like a TOTAL waste of my time, money and energy… I know part of my frustration was because two weeks prior I attended a PHENOMENAL PhotoReading course taught by a good friend of mine, Millicent St Claire. She was so great, I was kinda “spoiled” and expected a similar experience, but didn’t get it.

Anyway, my point is this: I don’t need anyone to give me the ‘holy blessing’ to do what I already know to do.

There are very few things in life where you really need a blessing from other people. Yes, you need a board of fellows (or whatever) to become a lawyer or doctor, etc. And there are a few other professions you need to be certified to do… but there are VERY FEW!!!

Give YOURSELF permission to do what you want to do…

And if you you feel you do need ‘permission’…

By the power vested in me, I now give you the holy blessing to do what ever you want to do in your life!!!

Are there any areas in your life you’re waiting to get a ‘blessing’ to do?

  • Quitting your job?
  • Starting a new business?
  • Going after larger/different clients?

Just do them. Who are you waiting on?
Your spouse? Your Parents? It’s YOUR life… live it.

Practical Application

Stop waiting on ‘permission/a blessing’ to do the things you want to do in life.


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  1. This is true. Most of the people need some encouragement to go on with something they have decided a long time ago and have thought of doing themselves but need a little push from others. At times, this is good. But when it’s taking you too long to decide and take action, it’s time to take up that sword and conquer your self and overcome self-limitations. Keep on posting such ideas. You keep us appetized.

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