December 19

Oh…I'm Worried Sick!


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How many times have you heard (or said) “Oh…I’m Worried Sick!”

Well, the interesting things is: you’re right.

Many illnesses are a direct result of a person who worries (stresses out) too much. That?s right: Worrying. Worrying, stress, anxiety, nervous? they?re all about the same.

But let me ask you this ? Has stress or ?worry? ever kept the thing you feared from happening? Of course not!

And if you?ve spent all that time worrying about it, and the dreaded situation does occur – well you?re defenses are worn down from all that worrying and you?re not prepared to handle it!

I read this study conducted by University of Pennsylvania

“Americans devote 1 to 8 hours a day to worrying.”

Other findings:

  • 40% of the worries never materialized.
  • 30% of the worries were about the past, where absolutely nothing could done about them.
  • 12% of the worries were directed toward other people’s business.
  • 10% of the worries were spent on real or imaginary illnesses.
  • Only 8% of the worries were justified.

So imagine that, only 8% of the things people worried about were justified.

So think about this: If you?re worried about things, all the time, you?re more susceptible to getting sick. You?re more likely to ?react? to people rather than ?respond? (remember the discussion in a previous post, about the difference between reacting and responding?) And worst of all- you are actually attracting the very things you worry will happen by spending all your time worrying and thinking about them!

And over 90% of the time, the worry is meaningless. So for the most part you?re taking all this on for nothing.
Here?s something to keep in mind:

There are only two possibilities for any thing happened .

It is either going to HAPPEN or

It?s NOT going to happen.

Spending hours, days, weeks or whatever- WORRYING about whether or not it?s going to happen is not going to change the outcome at all- other than help attract the very thing you don?t want to happen, to happen!

So do yourself a favor. Free your mind from worry. It?s not doing you any good to focus all that energy on anxiety.

When you feel yourself getting anxious about something, let it go. Tell yourself that worry will do no good ? because it won?t. All it doesn?t is draw to you what you don?t want. I said before in another post that worry is only negative visualization.

Keep positive thoughts in your head. Tell yourself what you want to happen will happen. Believe it. The Law of Attraction will do the rest.

I charge you to stop what you’re doing right now and get Louise Hay’s Book on healing your body with you mind. It IS by far the best 10 bucks you’ll spend. You can’t even get a prescription filled for $10…let alone create healing for the rest of your life.

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  1. Well thats right. I will tell this to my little daughter who always worries about the gifts that she might receive this Christmas. She keeps on telling me everyday during breakfast.. “Hey Dad, what if santa doesn’t give me any this Christmas?, Can you buy one for me?”.. Well this statement from her really chuckles me. Shes just a kid though. And I think she wouldnt understand the statistics in this post. But this is a good way of explaining to her how to be worry free so that she can develop a “worry-FREE” habit and carry it until she grow-up and became an adult

  2. Hey, I have an argument in this post.
    Isn’t “not worrying” like “not giving a damn”?. Hmm.. try to think of this, if you dont worry whats going on your child at school then you wouldnt mind inspecting his assignments and then the grades. I think its not healthy at all. I think worrying is just similar to the being concerned. Well, this is from my opinion.

  3. Yes, agree to Antonio. Worrying does nothing but put a wrinkle on your face. LOL. I suggest we should all live a worry free life to stay youthful. Also, everytime you feel like worrying about something try thinking about that to turn out right, sucessful, correct or whatever positive description you can associate to it, and trust me, It feels a lot better than worrying.

  4. Hi Tivoli,

    Great question.

    No I don’t believe the child worries itself to the point of getting cancer…however here’s something the think about – the child’s parents, aunts, uncles, and the rest of the world may believe in cancer…
    they may also be afraid of cancer and be worrying about cancer on a day-to-day basis…
    they may also believe that children can get cancer…
    not to mention the segment of people who ‘want’ you people to get cancer

    All these things can influence what can happen to everyone, including children.

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