March 9

No Really…Be Happy!


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I remember reading this about a year ago…

This recent study confirms the results of a landmark 2004 paper in which Cohen and his colleagues found that people who are happy, lively, calm or exhibit other positive emotions are less likely to become ill when they are exposed to a cold virus than those who report few of these emotions.

In that study, Cohen found that when they do come down with a cold, happy people report fewer symptoms than would be expected from objective measures of their illness. In contrast, reporting more negative emotions such as depression, anxiety and anger was not associated with catching colds.

That study, however, left open the possibility that the greater resistance to infectious illness among happier people may not have been due to happiness, but rather to other characteristics that are often associated with reporting positive emotions such as optimism, extraversion, feelings of purpose in life and self-esteem.

Cohen’s recent study controls for those variables, with the same result: The people who report positive emotions are less likely to catch colds and also less likely to report symptoms when they do get sick. This held true regardless of their levels of optimism, extraversion, purpose and self-esteem, and of their age, race, gender, education, body mass or pre-study immunity to the virus.

“We need to take more seriously the possibility that positive emotional style is a major player in disease risk,” said Cohen, the Robert E. Doherty Professor of Psychology at Carnegie Mellon.

Talk about sick with worry 🙂

Not only do negative emotions keep you from getting the things you want, they also make you sick – literally

Practical Application

Don’t Worry…Be Happy. No really, I mean it…be happy 😀

Yours in Creation,



Law Of Attraction

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  1. When I was younger, I always wondered about this thing called the ‘placebo effect’ that seemed to make some people better in testing this or that drug or technique. The comments bringing up this mystery effect were always talking about the validity of the drug or the technique in question.

    What we really should have been paying attention to were all those people who were getting better merely because they had it in their minds that they were going to get better, even though they were unknowingly taking sugar pills.

    The Law of Attraction explains many things!

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