June 29

No Autographs Please…

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If you’re up past midnight you may or may not have seen an infomercial selling an internet marketing product called, “Clicks to Cash.” It shows you how to set up websites and start making money on auto pilot.

Well, I’ve been getting a lot of emails and phone calls asking if that was me on the infomercial. I’ve even had people stop me in the grocery stores, here locally in Atlanta, asking me about the commercial.

Well, the answer is…

YES..it was me.

Yes, it was good, old Antonio on the late-night infomercial.

I just wanted to do a quick post here to clear up some confusion, and also answer some of the questions that a lot of people have had about it.

The first is, yes, I was able to make $7,500 a month.

A lot of people have asked me, “Were you really able to make that amount of money?” Yes, I definitely was, and I say that because of the level of integrity I have. I would never, ever, falsify testimony in that manner for pay, or for any other reason for that matter.

Even though I’m an amateur actor, this was a real testimonial from a real system that I’ve personally used, and continue to use, for that matter. So, just kind of a thing to let people know, yes, this system does really work. That’s another question I get from people,

“Does this really work?”

I usually reply to them by asking them a question, “Are you really willing to make it work?” because I think that’s the most important question.

And, the reason why I ask this is because a lot of people are looking for the “silver bullet.” They want to buy something, do absolutely, positively no work, and make money. I’ll let you in on a little secret: nothing works like that. Absolutely nothing!

Even with the “Three Clicks to Cash Program,” you still have to actually get the sites set up. There is some thing you have to do. There is no such thing as “something for nothing.” That just doesn’t happen. That’s just not how the universe works. You have to give in order to get.

Now, mind you, when you talk about an internet-based system, like “Three Clicks to Cash,” when you compare that to opening a restaurant, when you compare that to opening a barber shop… A good friend of mine just opened a make-up bar, and she does make-up, eyelashes, eyebrows, and all that other stuff that most women like to do. I don’t know if guys would be going there or not, but anyway, she just opened up this thing.

It took her months, months, to get her store open, and a lot of money, because she kept having this problem, that problem, construction, and then the Site Inspector was giving her a hard time. And, get this, that’s just to get the shop open! That doesn’t mean she’s made any money. It took her that long just to open up the shop. So, she still has to get customers in the door, to actually start making money.

So, comparatively speaking, an internet-based business, like “Three Clicks to Cash,” is almost like no work. But, I would never say that there is zero work involved. And, Jeff, who is the guy who actually put the program together, would tell you the same thing. There is no thing you can do with absolutely no work and get some type of result. Again, I go back to saying that is just not how the universe works.

The last thing I did want to make mention of, now that I’ve mentioned Jeff Paul, is that Jeff is one of my mentors. You’ve heard me say time and time again, I’ve mentioned my mentors about this or that and the other. I’ve got to tell you that one of the easiest and fastest ways to make money or to be successful in any thing, is to find someone who’s already done what you want to do. Ask them how to do it. Then, shut up, listen, and do it. That’s it!

You’ve heard me talk about Jeff Paul, you’ve heard me talk about Sean Casey, you’ve heard me talk about Mark Yarnell. And here’s the interesting thing I want to add to this. Each one of these guys, when I initially met them, told me exactly what I needed to do to be successful in that particular area that I was in at the time. And each time, I did not do what they told me to do. Every time!

I don’t know why. I could come up with some ideas, maybe I thought I was smarter, maybe I thought I could do it differently, maybe… I know one thing, when, I remember when you talk with Jeff and Sean, they make the idea of making money so easy, that it almost seems too good to be true. I know that was the case when I was talking with Sean, when I first met him. Because he said, “all you have to do is blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. That’s it!” And I’m saying that there’s no way that’s all you have to do. It’s got to be harder than that.

But, here’s the funny thing: After bumping my head against the wall for months, and sometimes even years, I went right back to those same guys and asked them the same questions that I asked them before. “How do I become successful in this particular area?” And guess what they told me? The same exact thing they told me the first time. How about that?

Well, anyway, I don’t want to get too far off on a tangent. What can you walk away with from this podcast? Well, one is, know that Antonio is hereby a celebrity, and I’m going to start charging for photos, and autographs. I will also start selling my half-eaten toast and locks of my hair on eBay for thousands upon thousands of dollars! Oh man, okay. Anytime I start thinking I’m a celebrity, just slap me in the back of the head, okay? Yes, so I’m totally kidding about that.

But, what lessons can you walk away with here. One is… I think that when you look at programs and things on the internet, I think almost everything works, to be honest with you. A lot of people say, oh you know, everything’s a scam and it’s hard to find things that work. I think it’s the exact opposite way actually. I think when you are looking for the scams, obviously you find the scams. And the scams find you. So when you go into it, “oh, this is a scam, it’s a scam,” yes, it is a scam. Yes, it’s going to be a scam. You’re going to find the things that are scammy about it, you’re going to find the things that don’t work about it. And you’re going to spend the time focusing on those things. And, guess what? The thing’s not going to work.

What are you going to do? Are you going to go back and say, “it was a scam, I knew it was a scam.” Then you’re going to tell your friends, “oh, this was a scam.” And you’re just going to create more of this ‘scaminess’ of the things out there.

But, I do think a lot of things out there work. And I’m not naïve enough to think that there are no scams out there. Obviously there are. But I think that the few scams that are out there are… I think that the reason why they are so publicized is that the media want to create a level of fear around starting your own business and taking control of your own future, in order to prevent people from doing it. But that’s a whole another podcast in itself.

You get what you’re looking for. So if you’re looking for a scam, you’re going to get it. So look at things with a different light. I think that will make a significant difference on how things work.

Second, what you can walk away with is, don’t join any program at all thinking that you can do absolutely nothing. It doesn’t matter what it says. Even Jeff’s program, even though he talks about how easy it is to get things going, and it is! But there’s still some work involved. Period. There’s nothing you’re going to be able to do where you just get something and just sit back and do nothing.

Do you even want that? I mean, do you want a life where you just sit back and get checks every month? A lot of people think that they want that. They say, “oh, yes, I would love to have checks coming in to me. You would get bored. I mean you really would get bored. And you’d start dying immediately. You would literally start dying. Yes, you’d have a bunch of stuff, yes, you’d have a bunch of money, but, mentally, you’d start dying.

That’s where challenges come from, that’s the purpose of challenges in our lives, to make us grow. So, don’t ever get into anything thinking that you don’t have to do any work. Work is relative anyway. Like, when I look at what I do, do I consider it work? No, it’s like getting paid to sleep. I love doing what I’m doing so much that it almost seems illegal that I’m making as much money as I am by screwing around on the computer all day.

There are people who work hard, who really work hard for the money that they’re making. I don’t do that. And, I’m saying that only from this perspective – “No work” is relative to the person who’s doing the work. Don’t think that you can do zero, and something’ll work for you. There is some level of activity involved in what it is you’re doing. You may not call it work, it may be fun, but there’s some level of activity.

So, I’ll rephrase what I said earlier, and say there’s some activity involved, not work. So I’ll say there’s some activity involved in everything that you do. That’s the way [TAG-Tec]the universe works[/TAG-Tec]. There’s cause, then there’s and effect of the cause. Without cause, there’s no effect, and the cause is the activity that you take; the effect is the money you make, the success you gain, the relationships you get, whatever the case may be.

If you’re still skeptical about making money on the internet, Shawn has a FREE business in a box to help you get started.

Yours in Creation,



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  1. Very well written

    I love your post! Keep it up!

    I feel about your post because many times people want a miracle pill but success is not so much that there is a miracle pill or formula.

    It is more about you also have to put in actions. You also have to listen to mentors on how to do it.

    Even if the system is so easy and you heard people making $7500 /month, you won’t attract this money until you have the correct mindset what it takes to make that money. It must be an absolute drive and must for you. And it must be you are willing to put in your level of work and committment to get it done.

    If you want to know more about success, ask Rocky. He has a wonderful story to tell you how much he wants success:-


  2. Awesome! Antonio, could you provide a link for
    “3 Clicks For Cash”? I’m interested in the product and I’m willing to “work” at making it “work” for me. Thanks!

  3. Hi Antonio,

    Could you give us a link to the Three Clicks to Cash system? I think alot of people who’ve read this post would really like to try it out, this is probably the only genuine testimony on the the net!

  4. Hey Antonio,

    I recently heard about this new system, and I was wondering if you could send me the link so I could research this system in much more detail.


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