December 11

New Law of Attraction Book


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The Power by Antonio – A New Law of Attraction Book – What Is He Teaching Us Now?
A simple law of attraction book in order to guide people to getting what they want.

The new Law of Attraction book isn’t something Antonio invented nor is it just a new age phenomenon. What do I do wrong when it does not work for me?

If you think about it, every religion speaks of it in some form or shape. What I know for sure is that change can only come if I am willing to make it happen. If that were true, you would have a pink elephant standing in your room right now, because you are thinking of a pink elephant right now, aren’t you…

And I think that is part of what Antonio is going to talk about in The Power (a new Law of Attraction book)

To me this process is all about beliefs and wishes. From reading forum posts and blog posts I have seen a lot of these kind of questions being asking:

That is why it is such a challenge to get one road-map that works for everyone. I must also be willing to leave behind things and beliefs that I no longer want. There is more to it than that. We each need our own road map that we can follow and rely on to get us where we want to go.

Herein lies the beauty of The Law of Attraction, we all have our own unique journey that is custom fit for each of us. We don’t need to follow in other peoples footsteps, we will make our own path with our own goals. Celebrities were not the only people that believe in the power of the secret – now there are millions of people practicing the law of attraction and creating new lives.

The journey is different for everyone. If we take into consideration the huge success of The Secret and how well Antonio explained metaphysics and creation in his new law of attraction book “The Power” will most definitely be more than just a bedtime read.
How do I stop attracting bad things?

Many religions threaten the exclusion of people who don’t follow a certain doctrine or “God”. Don’t give up trying if you don’t succeed the first few times.

How do I know if I am on the right path?

In this new law of attraction book Antonio is answering all the questions got from readers -and watchers of the movie “The Secret”.

A belief is something that I really believe with all my heart and a wish is something that I just throw out there that really don’t have any bearing, it is not grounded in me. Antonio has been writing a new law of attraction book. Still there are many questions

Will “The Power” a latest law of attraction book, answer these questions? You would only know when you would go through this new law of attraction book.


New law of attraction book

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