July 12

More Whitewater Rafting Photos


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By popular demand… here are more photos from the rafting trip.

Here’s our ‘reflection’ shot. We took this photo in a window that had a really cool reflection
Antonio Thornton

A nice pic of us in T.G.I.F.
Antonio Thornton

Uhm…which button do I press!?!
Antonio Thornton

Me pretending to be concentrating on driving…I was daydreaming.
Antonio Thornton

This was hilarious… Yes, this is a bus towing a pickup truck. You don’t see that everyday 🙂
Antonio Thornton

A really nice shot of us with a cool backdrop
Antonio Thornton

She think she’s Ms Universe….
Antonio Thornton

Tired of taking pictures:
Antonio Thornton

Say Cheese!
Antonio Thornton

On the way back from RiverBend
Antonio Thornton

Mmmm…mmmm. good! A VEGAN pizza and salad from Country Living restaurant in Chattanooga!
Antonio Thornton


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