June 14

More Pics And An Interesting Lesson


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Just a few more pics and
an interesting lesson (below)

Oscar Winner
Aria "Oscar Winner" Shot

“Vogue” Cover Shot
Aria - Vogue Cover Shot

Sleeping, Of course
Aria - Sleeping Of Course

On The Red Carpet
Aria - Red Carpet Shot

Obviously for the last couple of weeks, I’ve been busy “being a dad” .

Totally “neglecting” my business…so to speak.

I didn’t really neglect the business, because my business is almost totally automated. I was just spending a lot of time focused on Aria…

Here’s the interesting thing. I had a HUGE project “fall in my lap” this week. With NO struggle, NO hard work..in fact, with NO effort at all.

It just came.

My point…

By taking my focus OFF my business and not FORCING things… the thing I wanted came to me with no effort at all.

The art of allowing at it’s finest.

Until Aria came, I didn’t realize how much I was forcing things. With having a person who’s 100% dependent on me “take over my life” for the last couple of weeks, I COULDN’T do anything with my business. And as a result, I was knocked out of the zombie-like state of “working hard” and voila…

Wonderful things start showing up.

This is a powerful lesson for me because if you would have asked me if I thought I was “working hard” I would have told you “no”

But clearly, I can see now how I was tricking myself (ego) into thinking that what I was doing was ‘important’ and needed to be done…when in reality, it didn’t.

I was working for work’s sake.

Not following inspiration and allowing things to flow to me as they are meant to.

Think about this common scenario:

You’re in the mall and you catch eye contact with someone who looks familiar. You can tell by the way they’re looking at you that you look familiar to them as well.

They rush over and say, “Hey (your name)… how are you??? I haven’t seen you in such a long time…bla, bla, bla…”

You’re standing there being as cordial as you can be with out giving away the fact that you’ve totally forgotten their name. You’re struggling to remember, it pops in and out of your head….it’s right on the tip of your tongue, but you can’t grab it.

They kindly let you off the hook and say their goodbyes and you go off to what you were doing.

2 hours later, as you’re walking into your house you shout out… “DAVE!! That was his name…Dave!”

We’ve all experienced this… Their name suddenly comes rushing into your head for 2 reasons:
1) After seeing your friend and going about your business you consciously “let it go”… However, though you consciously “let it go”, your subconscious mind was busy at work, going thru all your past experiences to find that name. When it found the name, it passed the info onto your conscious mind with total ease (allowing)

2) By going about your other activities, you got your ego out of the way… You weren’t “attached” to the outcome of remembering (or not remembering) the person’s name.

Practical Application
So the lesson for you here is this: Don’t try to force things.

Take a moment to evaluate what you’re doing and ask, “Am I forcing this…?” “I am I “working hard” for the sake of working hard?”

Then stop doing that 🙂

Just allow



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  1. So true man. We often get caught up with ‘doing’. Being zombie like trying to do as much as we can. We gotta learn to take a step back, and it come naturally.

    I guess it’s related to getting ourselves to control the fear we have – the fear that by not constantly ‘doing’ things, we can’t achieve what we set out to do.

    Gotta always remember the 80/20 rule. Work smart not hard, and let things come naturally.

  2. That “oscar winner” pic is my favorite! Aria is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    On the subject of forcing things…I think I’ve spent much of my life “trying too hard.” Yes, I think that translates to forcing things. It’s tough to notice in yourself, thus tough to give up. If we have good, good friends watching our backs, though, they can clue us in to the blind spots in our lives (if we let them!)

  3. Great Point! You have to release and let go because some things are beyond your control. Let it happen like you mentioned in divine order!!

  4. The vogue shot is gor-gee-ous!!! She is soo beautiful and congratulations!! It has been a while since I’ve seen you and Nikki at church. Take care and much love!!

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