January 27

Michael Beckwith and Lisa Nichols

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Mentioned before that Oprah is doing a show on The Secret. Knowing that Micheal Beckwith, Lisa Nichols and James Ray are going to be there, I signed up to be on the show….haven’t heard from them yet. Bummer. 🙁

Wondering what I can do to manifest a meeting with all three of them at the same time.


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  1. Antonio, I just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a complimentary comment.

    To your question posed here I want to offer up one suggestion. Create a paintshop picture of the 4 of you all together, in a room, at a table, try to make the lighting similar in all pictures and each day focus on it.

    Close your eyes and see it. Imagine the surroundings you have chosen and see yourself getting ready to meet them, getting in the car, the drive, your thoughts about your first words to them, walking through the door, your feeling at seeing them, and your actual first words to them. Visualise and feel all the feelings, hear all the conversations. I’m pretty sure as I’m sure you are that it won’t be long before you manifest exactly that event.

    I wish you well with it.


  2. I’m a woman from Hungary. I just want to thank all the people from The Secret to make this movie that gave me so many good things.I have to thank (this) especcially MICHAEL BECKWITH! His words and his voice are so calming! Everytime I hear him (them) I feel like crying because of his power of making me sooooo happy and peaceful. He’s awesome! Thanks!

  3. Ariel Allera: Yes, Being Gay is a Gift from God… And why not?

    What Ed Bacon and Michael Beckwith said on Oprah is the most liberating and heartwarming statement I’ve ever heard on homosexuality. I’ve never hidden myself in the closet so that after I watched that particular episode on YouTube, I’m now as enlightened as both a gay man and a human being, let alone God’s child. I believe in the Bible and of course in the Word of God, and I know we have to live according to His will. What’s in the Bible can be as broad as far as our minds should be, and so there’s more to it than what it could literally mean. What is definitely for certain (and a hundred-percent the true) is that God’s love is unconditional so that so long as we are at peace with the Lord, no matter what we do or what our decisions are, we will always be guided and should never get lost, and that includes where the thought of being gay is concerned which is, thankfully, a gift from God. Hence, God bless all the gays on earth. (ariel_allera@yahoo.com)

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