January 9

I Hope You Get What You Deserve

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Most times when you hear this phrase, it’s someone wishing ill-will on someone else.

I’m wishing you get the things you feel you deserve in life….but I’ll ask you this:? “What do you feel you ‘deserve’?

If you feel you deserve happiness and harmony in your life, then I hope you get that, If you feel you deserve wealth and abundance, then I hope you get that

In fact, you are getting the things you ‘deserve’ right now.

Your belief in what you deserve in life is what’s showing up for you.

That’s what the Universe provides – what you believe you can have, can achieve, or ‘deserve’. And it provides in a totally non-biased, non-judgmental and supporting way – every time.

So if you believe you should be in a rut in your life, the Universe will support you in that. The Universe doesn’t look at your desires as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ or ‘right’ or ‘wrong. You communicate to the Universe what you want through your thoughts, your words and your actions. Then these things manifest into your reality – every time.

So ask yourself, “what DO you ‘deserve’?”

Because you’re getting it right now. And if it isn’t what you want in your life, then change your thoughts?

Here’s to you getting what you deserve.


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  1. I had something pretty crappy happen to me while job searching twice this month. On both ocasions, I was given the impression that i had the job, only to be told that i wasn’t hired, and then publicly embarrassed in front of strangers. I do believe that everything happens for a reason, but I’m having a hard time believing that i “deserved” the treatment that i got. Your podcasts save my life every morning. Keep up the good work and I’ll keep spreading the good word about you.

  2. I fully understand the theory behind ‘law of attraction,’ and how positive thoughts create positive energies and visa versa. However, this is not a scientific ‘verbatim’ theory that someone can actually say ‘you get what you deserve.’ That is pure rubbish. Alot of what someone gets in life has to do with timing; in other words being in the right place at the right time or visa versa. If someone chooses to cross the street and loses their life in an auto accident in doing so doesn’t equate to having gotten what they deserved. Come on. Spare me the BS. This particular website is all about capitalism, and Antonio making as much money as possible from his books, speaking engagement or any other resources he offers to the public.

    In the end it more accurate or appropriate to say; you typically earn in life what you work for, and you often experience in life the results of actions taken at a specific time and place, combined with our selective perceptions, thoughts and words. Take time to think about what you want to earn in life, and take time to think before you act. But, don’t for a minute believe that you always or only get what you deserve in life.

  3. The law of attraction is a funny thing. sometimes we get what we want and sometimes we get what we do not want. Fellow humans alike, are often not able to control our thoughts to always focus on the positive. We worry, and that is what makes our humans after all. If we always get what we deserved because of our negative thoughts, this world would be such a sad place.

  4. I was feeling pretty bitter about a former co-worker and her treatment of me. I ran into one of our fellow co-workers today at a restaurant while I was having lunch with my youngest son. She asked me why I left the company and why I was mad with them. I was shocked that she thought I was mad with the company as a whole. I didn’t say anything when I left but many had witnessed the treatment I received from this newly hired co-worker who thought that I wasn’t qualified to train her because she had a bachelors degree and I did not. She plainly said this many times in front of our fellow co-workers and berated me for it. I trained her anyway because when it came down to it, she didn’t know what she was doing and it appeared that the school gave her a degree for just showing up. I believe that was what the real hostility came from is that she couldn’t handle the fact that she should have known the business because her degree was in it and she didn’t have a clue. Anyway, I explained to this fellow co-worker that the woman was just a b@#$% (my son had gone to the restroom) and that I was offered more money. Plus this was the sixth person they had hired who not only lied about knowing anything about this business but also lacked the office experience. Each one of these people wanted to start at the top but lacked the knowledge and skills that they should have. Including this chick who again made often mention of her bachelors degree and the fact that I only had an associates. She didn’t happen to mention the 15 years of experience I had on her too. So after I explained the the fellow co-worker why I left, part because the woman was a b@!#$ and I was offered more money – well.. I kept thinking that I hope that other woman gets what she deserves! Then I come home and an ex boyfriend that hurt me and my pride reared his ugly head and I thought the same thing… I hope he gets what he deserves! So I was thinking about my life and all that God has given me. If I truly love God and Jesus as I claim to… I should be able to let go of these things. I will probably go and try to find a verse in my bible after finishing my vent/confession on here but I just wanted to type in that phrase on google to see what turned up. Here I found your article. It made me feel better to know that another human being knows how I feel and understands how bad it is to feel that pitiful emotion of wishful vengeance. I hope I get over myself soon and live life without bitterness towards these people. What’s the prayer? God grant me the serenity to except the things I can not change? I can’t change these people’s lives or destiny and I shouldn’t try because it is none of my business and I will just let it be and start wishing that it all be delivered into his hands.

  5. Thank you, Antonio.

    Excellent post! It’s actually funny that you wrote this, because yesterday, something funny happened to me (not really funny, but you’ll see). I got a speeding ticket in a street I frequently travel! Here’s the funnier part. I usually put my Driver’s License inside my purse, but yesterday I didn’t have my purse on me. I hadn’t actually realized it until a few minutes before the police pulled me over. And I had envisioned in my mind getting pulled over by a police officer and not having my ID on me. Well moments later–it happened! Luckily for me, the officer who pulled me over gave me a break. I just need to envision those million dollars now…

    Thank you for your stories, Antonio. And by the way, I miss your podcasts! Please don’t be a stranger. So many of us enjoy your podcasts and blogs.

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