February 6

Law Of Attraction And Gold Fish Crackers

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I was taking my daughter Aria to Gymboree today (it’s like a fun, learning gym for kids) and got a really cool lesson in the Law of Attraction that I thought I’d share with you.

I realized something about children that most adults don’t use in their lives.


She wanted some crackers and kept saying,


Not screaming or yelling, just calmly (and persistently) saying “crackers.”

If you have kids or ever been around a 20-month-old when they want something, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Children EXPECT to get the things they want…EVERY time.

They don’t understand the concept of asking and NOT receiving what they want.

Most adults tend to ask for the things they want “passively” or “doubtfully” – and consequently, they end up NOT attracting the things they desire.

Here’s how to ask and get the things you want:

Go here: Expectation


FYI – You don’t have to continuously as for things over and over like Aria did, but I do EXPECT you to click here to discover how to get the things you want πŸ™‚


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  1. Thanks for the reminder. I think I can sometimes get caught up in asking and asking because I actualyl don’t expect to get the things I want…so I just keep asking.

    this a good article

  2. A simple yet thoughtful reminder, we adults usually ask for the things we want passively and with doubt. While children persistently ask what they want and they do believe they’ll will get what they want, which always happens.

  3. Your post was delightful and puts using law of attraction in a nutshell – if we could only be more like the children.

    All we need do is simply be clear about what it is we desire, ask for it, release it, and allow it to come to us without any pre-conceived ideas or attachments. To help focus on exactly what it is I wish to manifest, I like to use a contrast and clarity worksheet when creating the affirmations to use with law of attraction. These worksheets help you focus on those features or attributes you truly wish to attract and can be used in all areas of your life or business from relationships to finance and so on.

    When using law of attraction, I also find that the best way to truly manifest is when your desire is not solely self serving but also serves others.

    And I have noticed that when we allow God (source, universe) to provide what we ask on His terms, we generally get far more than we ever imagined.

    Wishing you continued happy attracting,

    J Wentzel
    Success Coach
    Law of Attraction Practitioner

  4. That is so true… hadn’t really thought of a child’s persistence as using the law of attraction, but I can completely see it. There is a great book titled, “The Objective is Happiness” by Thomas Wakefield is a book that anyone interested in the law of attraction should read- it is for everyone! Every child should have this book from second grade on. The book explains everything from the power of positive thinking to the power of passion and action as it should be explained and like never before. If you are an ebook reader, you can get his Ebook instantly here http://bit.ly/9K9HPc

  5. Kids definitely know more about the Universe than we do….they just don’t know they’re miles ahead of adults. This is a great lesson in the Law of Attraction. Teachers come in all different shapes and sizes. And good for you, Antonio, in recognizing the lesson.

  6. Great post Antonio as always!
    SuccessCoach – you are right about that! God is the GREAT PROVIDER, He can provide anything on His terms.

    Try combining the Law of Attraction with your belief in God and by following His desires, you’ll generate results far more than what you anticipated.

  7. Hi Antonio,

    Calmly and persistently. Perfect. I’ve written a few articles about how much we can learn from children when it comes to successful living. They ask for what they want persistently, could care less about what others think, say, or so about them, and use their vivid imagination on a daily basis.

    Great take buddy!

  8. Indeed, be as a child and the world will be filled with wonders. To bad so many people have to ‘work hard’ to be like a child once again. But it is possible, I consider myself a living example πŸ˜‰

    My big wish for this world is that one day children will be able to grow up and keep this natural connection with the universe.



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