May 27

Living the Law Of Attraction: Attracting Wealth Without Guilt

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One of the keys to attracting wealth is being “okay” with desiring money.

Some people are concerned that wanting a lot of money makes them “greedy”. They’ll say they don’t want to be viewed as “overly materialistic people”, and so they’re afraid that putting a lot of attention on money will detract from the “higher” goals they have in life.

If any of you are in this position, then realize that you’re putting out a mixed message to the universe. It will be very difficult to ever bring money into your life when you’re in this state of mind.

You have to release any feelings of guilt you have associated with money – there’s no reason for you not to thrive financially. You may have very deep-seated feelings about money and greed, but you’ve got to find a way to be purely positive about your desire for wealth.

Aren’t there wonderful things that you can accomplish if you have more money? Won’t having more money give you the freedom to devote yourself to what you want to achieve?

Remember that you don’t necessarily have to think about money itself in order to bring wealth into your life. You don’t want money just so that you can roll around in pile of cash. Think about why you want more money. Put your attention on the things you want to accomplish. Make that desire pure. The universe will take care of the means to make it happen. If money is needed, then the money will come – but only if you don’t push it away through your feelings of guilt.


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  1. Another thing people need to understand is the difference between “materialism” and “wealth”. A poor person can be materialistic. Materialism is a state of mind, not your physical possessions. It’s all in how you view the things you have. You can be wealthy without being materialistic.

  2. Thank you Antonio for putting this up for everyone. I am kind of one of the people who want to be wealthy yet is feeling guilty over thinking of money. Thanks for clearing this up for us.

  3. Kick the air that crushes me with the frustrations of contemporary society
    A society with an heir of superiority that needs to be severely reprimanded for the hurt it creates
    A society that is threatened by those things slightly unusual
    Those with true gifts who express indifference will be crushed and brought to a state of total suppression to conform to a dull witted society because these extremes are too scary for the mass populous of a world that believes “wild” is a problem and which only believes that “wild” should be left for rock stars, circus freaks and zoos.

    1. imhkki,

      Thanks for your comment. I’d like to share two observations with you:
      1) If you believe that you can’t attract wealth with your thoughts, then you’ll live your life as such and that belief will become your reality.

      2) Personally, I don’t believe nor do I teach that the law of attraction is about sitting back, doing nothing and piles of money comes to you. I believe action is required, but that action doesn’t have to be hard, laborious, burdensome or difficult. Thinking attracts opportunities. Then it’s up to you to take advantage of them.

  4. Interesting words here, thank you. You’ve made me feel easier with my desire to be a well known person. Fame is what I want, more than fortune. Things weigh a person down, trap them, but lack of enough can trap them too.
    I want to be known, and I want an ample sufficiency of cash.

  5. God wants us to be prosperous, because in it, we profess his power to give prosperity. In the same way, wanting wealth is not a bad thing, because it gives us freedom–freedom to share ourselves and resources to other people so that they may experience it as well. What’s not good is wanting money for ourselves therefore making us greedy people.

  6. You are right in saying that you shouldn’t feel guilty about wanting to be wealthy. To me obtaining wealth means that I can be who I was meant to be without the stress of money matters weighing me down. I will have the resources to teach others to obtain success in their life.

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