June 3

Living the Law of Attraction in the Real World

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I just got off the phone with a young lady, where we were having a really interesting conversation about the Law of Attraction, and why it works sometimes and why it doesn’t. This lady was very, very disappointed about some things that had not gone her way, and was very frustrated with the Law of Attraction, God, and just other things.

Though I’ve been teaching the Law of Attraction for the last 20 years in different capacities I am still amazed at the complexities of how it works. It is not an exact science as it relates to what we consider science – things that can be proven through the scientific method of experimenting and testing and coming up with theories and proofs.

I say this because the one thing that we don’t have the ability to do in science is to know what someone is thinking. While we do have the technology that can discern if someone is thinking or not, and there are even some technologies that can dictate whether someone is thinking something positive or negative. Obviously, this is something that can only be done through a significant level of technology intervention.

Meaning, your head has to be connected to all these cathodes and all of these things that monitor your brain activity. Obviously, it wouldn’t be feasible to walk around like that every day for the rest of your life to make a determination of whether you’re having positive or negative thoughts.

The point that I’m making here is, sometimes, we could be thinking something on a conscious level, but actually be believing something different on a subconscious level. You could be thinking wealth and abundance, but you could be believing in scarcity and poverty, because that may have been what you were taught as a youngster by your parents.

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” and whatever other variations of that very, very limiting belief system. We listen to these things, we hear these things as children, and we buy into them, and we believe them as adults. Whether or not we realize it, those beliefs are still lingering a lot of times in areas of our subconscious mind that we are not even aware of.

The point I’m making here is that her frustration really got me thinking about a few things as it relates to the Law of Attraction and a shift that I think I’ve been making over the last few years. This is actually a twofold shift. One is the shift that I’ve been making, and secondly, just a piece of advice that may help you out.

The shift that I was thinking about is looking at the Law of Attraction more so as a Theory of Attraction versus a Law. Why? Because there are certain things that we just cannot measure. We just don’t know what someone is thinking at any given time. As it relates to this young lady and her situation, she was calling me, crying and frustrated. “Why didn’t this thing work for me? All these Law of Attraction, this, that, and the other. Why is God putting me through these?” I mean, just going on and on and really mad and angry, even to the point where she was cursing about it.

In the next post I am going to offer to you the same advice I gave her.


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