July 11

Living The Law Of Attraction: Getting From Here To There

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A Simple But Powerful Exercise

Here’s a nice exercise designed to help you get from where you are today to where you want to be – on a vibrational level.

  • Take a piece of paper and write at the top of the paper “where you are now”. Let’s say you don’t have a lot of money, and your goal is to become wealthy.  Write down, “I am not wealthy.” Consider how you feel about that – probably not very good.  Face your situation head on.  Say to yourself, “I’m not rich, and I don’t feel good about it.”  That feeling is telling you that your inner self wants to move from that place.
  • Write on the bottom of the page “I am wealthy”. That’s where you want to be.  Consider how you will feel when that becomes your reality.  You will feel relief and joy.
  • The blank space in between these two statements represent your vibrational gap. This is the gap between your present poverty and your future wealth.  It may seem like a big gap, but it’s one that you must close in order to make your desire a reality.
  • Start to fill in the empty space in stages. Write statements that gradually move you from the top statement to the one at the bottom.  For example, “I have the ability to create more wealth.” Then continue: “There are many people who were poor who became wealthy, this is also possible for me.” Keep writing more and more positive statements about yourself:  “I am a talented person who has much to offer the world.”  “My abilities are worth a lot to the right person.” Or write hopeful things such as, “Wealth will come to me in abundance and in unexpected ways.” “I accept wealth through all avenues.”
  • Keep filling in the blank space on the paper with statements that bring you closer to “I am wealthy”. Then look at the page.  There used to be a huge gap between the top and bottom statements, just as there was a big emotional difference between where you find yourself now and where you want to be.  You can see that there are not huge leaps between the individual sentences you wrote – each one was just slightly more positive.  You got from the first statement to the last in small, steady stages that were all believable.

You probably noticed that as you wrote each sentence, you felt a little more positive.  The emotional gap was closed in a step-by-step fashion.  You didn’t need to go from Sadness to Joy in a single bound – you could work your way there by focusing on good and then greater things.

Try this exercise yourself.  This is a great way to put the Law of Attraction into practice.  You’ll find it will work wonders.


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  1. Doing this exercise has similarities to filling a Gratitude notebook where we put in positive things we’re thankful for, that makes us realize what we’re capable of and reminds us to persevere in the practice of the law of attraction.

  2. Great exercise antonio! This reminds me of an exercise that I performed myself when I was experiencing a lot of anxiety, after quitting my job to pursue working at home as my main source of income.

    I took out a sheet of paper and named off all the reasons why I will succeed, leaving out any negativity, doubts, etc. I filled the page with positive affirmations and statements that made me feel a lot better about my decision, and I was able to get a lot of work done after that.

    Not exactly like the exercise you described here, but it served a similar purpose: positive thinking

  3. This is one useful exercise that anybody can do. It helps a person become closer to aligning himself with the things he want in life. Good job here, Antonio.

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